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    Tee, hee...

    BTW my (current) avatar is my 2nd-best buddy when he was a baby and wrecking all the footwear in the house. (Have to qualify it... did you notice that your avatar changes on every post you ever made when you change it?)
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    Thank goodness or this board would be awfully confusing. It would be like everyone you know wearing a different mask every day. You go to kiss your wife and come to find out its the maid
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamespaulritter
    hofo_mofo, I'm glad you chimed in. I've been wondering about that one from
    day 1.
    people say in that picture i look like a terrorist
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    Quote Originally Posted by hsk
    Tee, hee...

    BTW my (current) avatar is my 2nd-best buddy when he was a baby and wrecking all the footwear in the house. (Have to qualify it... did you notice that your avatar changes on every post you ever made when you change it?)
    your dog is so cute...he looks uber friendly

    and you didnt know about you/avatar changing when you change it...same with signature and user name
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    Mine's just a variation of my signature. Rather than list my stuff in text at the bottom of each post, I Photoshopped together a little graphic logo. Makes it easier to scroll through a thread looking for a post that I've made. Sadly, not much imagination though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rambo47
    Sadly, not much imagination though.
    Ya, thats what I was thinking about my user name,,,,,,I just couldnt think of one,,,,,,,still cant

    And I hadnt yet explained my avatar. When I found it, I had to laugh because it was me, completely. A young looking goofball typing a 100mph on the computer
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    Mine's simple, it's a piece of my sig. I wanted to use the attached file as my avatar but the filesize is too big, 56KB.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    FrozenCode I got it down to 38k if you still wanted to use it as your avatar.
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    Wow, thanks a lot man. How'd you do it?

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    I went to GIFworks and resized it. Its kind of a cheap utility but its free. I tried cropping it a bit so I wouldnt have to reduce the overall picture to much then The second one I just resized. So I put both of them up so you could take your pic. Your original was 120x65 pixels and the one you picked I reduced to 95x51 pixels. It looks great, thats a kick **** avatar.
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    Thanks again, I tried the GIF works thing, that's the online one right? I even tried ImageReady and Photoshop...

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    Ya thats the online one.

    Thats pretty cool the music sounds like good theme music for the avatar
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    frozen code, could you edit your avantar so it doesnt do so many black/white blinking?
    It gives me a headache, and could cause an epileptic fit for certain people. TIA.
    p.s. I like the style of it though, just the blinking is driving me nuts..
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    My avatar? heh.. glad you asked!
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    Mine's from the Pixar short "For the Birds" which I thought was really funny when I saw it in the theaters before Toy Story 2 I think.

    I like how it looks over at my post to the right, then goofs on it, like the birds do to the "dodo" bird in the beginning of the short..of course, it didn't end too well for the birds
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    I designed mine after seeing mug shots of Nike Nolte, & James Brown.
    I imediately noticed the resemblence to Bill the Cat.

    ...I figured the title CATS just sort of summed it all up.

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    Ummm...FrozenCode, The bullet in your new avatar kinda looks like a flying ***** on the Treo. It's mesmerizing...
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    Christina... you might want to put down the Treo and go for a walk or something!
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    My avatar is a picture of my Snap Rascal Terrors, uh I mean, Jack Russell Terriers.
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    I actually stopped and watched FrozenCode's avatar a couple days ago because I thought I saw the same thing.
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