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    I posted something similar on the thread of 'Whats your avatar mean' but:

    I am the second 'Tom' in my family. My nickname growing up was 'Tom 2' (otherwise if you just said Tom, then both my Dad and I would be trying to find out who you were talking to.)

    GungHo is a tribute to what us Marines say all the time...kind of like "Hard Charger".
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    <----- winner of most random word contest back in highschool
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    Gee Gee?
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    I was the Emperor of the Otter program shelter when I worked at a Boy Scout camp in upstate NY in the mid-80s.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MediaMgl
    Gee Gee?

    and otter i thought you were the emperor of stopping cars to let your girls (i think thats what you said) to cross the street
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    Pertinax is Latin for Persistent & Stubborn

    Traits that make me a good problem solver. I always win in the end..
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