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    Is there an Alert function here on TC so we can be notified of new posts on topics of interest? I know you can subscribe to threads and be notified of new posts - but I want to be notified of new threads or posts in any thread about a specific topic or app.

    For example - I would like to be notified via email or sms any time there is a new post about -
    Callfilter, DA, Picsel Viewer, .pdf, etc...

    TC Mods?

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    Use the "Instant email notification" when you subscribe to a thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkEagle
    Use the "Instant email notification" when you subscribe to a thread.
    No. I think he wants a notification of NEW threads with his keywords, or new messages with his keywords, that are not posted in his subscribed threads. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Agree - I think that's what he wants. Possibly because mtdn has a basic feature to be notified of any new threads in a particular forum. It's a big net to throw out, but it does catch everything - license plates, old tires, toilet seats, and once in awhile, fish
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    Is any of you using instant notifications? I seem to be receving most of them several days after the actual post was made? If at all...

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    There was a couple of days last week where the email was very slow in getting out but it was back to normal over the weekend (for me at least)
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    Insertion's correct - I want to be notified when there are any posts that include a keyword. Something like a yahoo! news alert that IM's me and emails me when there are any news articles that include my keywords.

    I'd like to keep up on the solution to the DA issue, a 650 version of callfilter or callshield, and BT settings in milan's Profiles. I check the usual threads and do searches but it would be easier to be notified when something new is posted.

    Just wondering...

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