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    Quote Originally Posted by rolltide6
    mind when it comes to info on the Treo. The arrogance of the moderators has gotten out of this world. I have never seen censorship taken to this extreme on a public chat forum. Guys, you shot yourselves in the foot and nobody but yourselves to blame. Without the members this site is _nothing_. You seem to have forgotten this long ago.
    I've felt the "Wrath of the Mods" before, and it was nothing. I stepped out of line, and they called me for it. They were completely right. I'd gotten in to one of my heated "discussions" with Seldom, and they let me know insults were just not acceptable. They were very polite. There was no talk of banning me, and I apologized. End of story.
    Speaking of Seldom, I don't think I need to do a search and post the four million times he stepped out of line before he was banned, do I? There are numerous cases of people being banned from the site, and in everyone I'm familiar with (all the way back to everyone's favorite mis-spelling troll, the infamous PurpleX) the person(s) were given ample opportunity to mend their ways, only to ignore the mods over and over, eventually leading to banishment. I don't see where this constitutes "shooting yourself in the foot". Sorry, you'll have to make a better argument to convince me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    As being one who frequently feels the wrath of the Mods, give 'em a break. When people whine to them, they have to act.

    Actually, no, they don't. In many cases, they would be quite justified in telling the whiners to grow up and get a life.
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