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    Is there anyway to have some of the 8 sticky topics in the 650 forum unstuck or have a master sticky in that forum and put those that are simular in there. I know I am but one user, but I find this very clutered and some have been sticky for a while now.

    Also, there are posts that to me (I am not a moderator) seem to belong in the correct forum and not the Treo650, that are in the 650 forum. This use to not be as abused as much. Sprint/CDMA/GSM posts etc. I find my self remebering certain posts, going to the forum that I think they would be in and not find them because they are in the Treo650 forum. The reason I get confused is I use the "New post" feature to read posts, then when I want to go back later (by topic) I go to the forum that fits the flavor of the post and they seem to be staying in the 650 forum more and more. Have the posting rules changed at all?

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    what is a sticky, anyway.
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    A "sticky" is a thread whose content or relevance has been deemed important or good enough by the moderators that it should be elevated to the top of the thread postings. They can also contain very basic info that the board owners think everyone should read, like posting guidelines, FAQs, and so on. This is a typical feature of most forum software.

    If you go to any of the Topics (Off-Topic, Treo 650 Hardware, etc.), the "stickies" will be at the very top of the first page and they'll be labelled "Sticky:". That makes you read them first. They will always appear there until/unless the mods move or remove them. Also, they can still be replied to unless they have been locked.

    It's like when service companies like plumbers or tow trucks put "AAAA" in front of their names to make themselves get listed first in the yellow pages (go ahead, look them up). Only here, it's for a good cause.

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