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    I have my preferences set in the User CP to default to "Instant Notification" via email for subscribed threads (or threads that I post in or create) and this works great on the full site, but on the TC Mobile site from my Treo 650 this seems to always get set to "None" when I post or reply instead of the Instant Notification I have set in my profile. I am logged in on TC Mobile to my user account, so shouldn't I automatically get this set to what my profile says when I post or reply?

    Any way to get this fixed?

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    Hey guys, are there plans to fix this? If not, how do I change Notification for a particular thread from None to Instant? Is my only choice to post again, but this time using a non-Mobile format?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Gamble
    Is my only choice to post again, but this time using a non-Mobile format?
    Actually, that doesn't seem to work. It looks like that once you post to a thread using the Mobile format, even if you posted previously in a non-Mobile format, you will not be notified of any further posts - even if you post in non-Mobile format afterwards.
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    I seem to be having a conversation with myself! Anyway, I just realized that you have to unsubscribe and then resubscribe to a non-notification thread in order to gain notification. What a hassle.
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    I just noticed that at times, the email notification is cutting of some of the posted message. This just happened to me with a short message.
    Anyone else experiencing this?

    edit BTW: this has nothing to do with the mobile site bc the regular web site. I just didn't know where else to post it.
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    The e-mail notifications just seem sporadic in general. I still have it enabled in my CP but now just check the TC site often since the e-mails are few and far between.

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