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    Quote Originally Posted by convbcuda
    Jimmy likes Elaine.

    Jimmy's down! Jimmy's hurt!

    (If you're confused, you didn't watch enough Seinfedl)
    Jimmy's gonna get Kramer for spilling water. Kramer hurt Jimmy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by silverado
    To test your claim of the consistency of what % does on calculators, I tried the 3 calculators to which I currently have access: the one on my Windows XP machine, RPN (palm) and Calc (Treo). They each did a different thing. Windows' calculator did what you suggested, RPN could only do "X enter Y %" and resulted in X * (Y/100), and the Treo calc did what we all know.

    So I would say that "all" calculators with which I tried the % key in the last 20 years interpreted it inconsistently
    Okay, I'll take your word for it; it's just that this is the first I've ever seen of it do anything besides the function I'm used to.

    Could it be that the % key works like I'm used to in all calculators except for scientific calculators? If that's the case, there's a certain consistency in that.

    But even if you allow for multiple variations on the function of the % key, you have to admit that just "divide the current displayed value by 100" is not a particularly useful implementation.
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    I'm flushing my Treo down the toilet since it can't do 50 + 5%. I do that calculation 5 or 6 times a day!
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    Doom read earlier "Calculator Bad" threads. Doom has now read this "Calculator Bad" thread. Doom once crapped a lot in one day. Doom's anus burned with the power of one thousand suns that day. That was more enjoyable than this. Doom is going to find some rope and a sturdy rafter now. Ugh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    Oh, and this should have been posted in the forum...
    Moved ....
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    MVT, ok so who's the pic of?
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