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    Found this interesting article on yesterday and wonder if Treocentral will feel the effect of this somewhere down the line from PalmOne...

    " Apple Computer has the right to subpoena the electronic records of a Web site that published items about an unreleased product, a judge ruled Friday."
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    no i highly doubt it. As liberal as this board gets in its analysis of hardware/software, I think it would discourage the community in a way detrimental to PalmOne for them to express disdain in anyway to TC users.

    Apple's product line is much more robust and pans out from bleeding edge to consumer, whereas a $600 phone is more or less bleeding edge or a richie rich's gadget. TC probably absorbs extensive amounts of tech questions and general support in a way that clearly outshines any product rumors or slamming that goes on. I think Palm needs any help and exposure they can get whereas Apple to stay ahead of the curve on innovation chooses to be very protective of its intellectual property. As much as I'm for the little guy/Apple fanboy, the line between techno-lust rumor and thievery has certainly been blurred with the development of the innerweb.
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    apple wants the ppl who gave the sites the info, presumably the employees who presumbaly signed NDAs.

    apple is being anal. who is visiting these sites. apple fans, who want the info. ppl who are probably the biggest apple supporters, why would they want to upset this group? i guess they want less that 3% of the pc market.
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