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    I've been reading these forums for the last 16 months since I bought my Treo 600 and I've only posted a few times, but I really need to get this off my chest. The number of posts from ignorant users has seemed to grow exponentially in the last few months. (If I've offended you already, look up the real meaning of ignorant. It means uninformed.) I'm not calling these people stupid, merely a growing group who are unwilling to read the manual or search the forums for previously answered questions. This forum used to be a place where true power users and newbies alike would be able to improve their skills and have questions answered in a helpful way.

    Here's an example of what I'm talking about. Remember when you were in school and there was always that one kid who slept through class or always seemed to sleep off his hangover. This kid never read the assignment much less did their homework. But right before test time he had a million questions that had either already been addressed by the professor in class or would have easily been picked up by doing any of the assignments. Remember how frustrating that was? This forum has a growing number of these types.

    I'm not professing to never ask a stupid question. We all do. What I'm ranting about is the lack of knowledge most users have. You've purchased a $600 smartphone. This phone was designed as a business tool and because of such an awesome user base, there are thousands of 3rd company programs out there. These programs allow the user to customize the tool to their liking. Obviously you expect reasonable backward compatability, but some bugs will always be present. Learn to deal with them. True power users will never be terribly bothered by bugs. They'll write the developer informing them of what happened and wait for the fix. NO BIG DEAL!!

    Stability will always be an issue. PalmOne and PalmSource use an open architecture that allows for companies and individuals alike to write programs and make hardware that utilizes the operating system. If you're not willing to deal with an occasional crash, buy a Symbian phone. Or a Nokia. IBM compatible PC's have 85% of the consumer market (I said consumer, not business... Linux guys relax). Why is this? Because Apple refused to license it's hardware or software. People like to tinker. We tinker with cars, wood, and electronics. The debate over Windows versus Mac will always rage... was Steve Jobs a control freak or did he refuse to allow a less than perfect product? But as much as people hate it, Palm OS and IBM "compatible" computers are alike in many ways. (Remember when we used to call them IBM "compatible"?)

    Now that I've rambled and ranted... here's my point. For the newbies out there... WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!! Use the search, read the manual, and ask questions that you can't find answers to. But for the love of my Treo, don't post "Where is the power button?" or questions of the like. Newbies turn into advanced users and then into power users and we're all glad to help you on your journey. This phone is an advanced piece of electronics that is extremely complicated and requires some intelligence and diligence to operate. If you lack the diligence, please return your Treo and get a Nokia. 10% smarter.... that's all...
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