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    Just wondering what are the new things coming up from TreoCentral in this new year 2005. Are you planning to show some stats/articles on how the Treo has come along? How the website has grown? Timeline of significant contributions made by users of TC? How is TC Store doing? Anything new coming up that can make users experience wonderful?

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    I am on my treo so I will be short, but here is an outline of projects in the works:

    1. We are working on a Wiki like system where our members can contribute towards a continously updated Treo resource where information can easily be found in a structured way. There will be chapters for all possible treo related information (tutorials, software, hacks, accessories, reviews etc). This is our primary focus at the moment and will greatly help organize all the great information from the forums, launch mid jan.

    The forums and the tc site will get a facelift soon as well, with a design similar to the store.

    We are going to start publish 1-2 reviews a week again.

    2. The store did about 3m in sales in 2004, with 85 percent being accessories. Next week we will start a weekly store newsletter, with specials and product news.

    New 650 accessories will be added weekly for the forseable future.

    An expanded software section is planned, as well an entrprise section (corporate solutions).

    It will be anexciting year!
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    Looks exciting. Thanks for your work and the information.


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