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    so, if it's not your strength, is there anyone else who has that strength on staff? (sry, is there a staff?) Kudos to trying and realizing it's not a strength of yours...another option, build the show in segments from a typed outline...i'm done typing now...I've never tried this on my own heh... but thx for trying!
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    I vote for putting Gfunk on the job if KR feels that it is not his cup of tea.
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    I just can't talk to myself. So if i go insane, that won't be a symptom.
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    I just listened to Adam Curry's "Daily Source Code" Podcast..I guess I would go to the source since he started this whole podcasting thing.
    the same 1987 MTV Adam Curry. This dude is living in a castle in the UK.
    Still a Mac guy and the concept needs a new name if it will catch on.
    it should be something technologically agnostic and not referencing the Ipod exclusively.
    Lets call it for what IT IS. Internet Radio...downloadable no streaming...just like the olde days. Werent we doing this in 1995 when he was still on MTV?

    Whats next? Sending Email by writing with pen and paper and then scanning it in.

    Even though he claims he has a Iriver and can't figure out to do a flash firmware upgrade to save his life.
    Traits of the tech savvy hurdle that most Mac users lose out on all the time.

    Take a device like the Treo where most of the shows I listen to on the radio or say I miss a show on NPR.
    I can stream it LIVE or I would download it without the use of a OPML or XML feed in a format of choice WMA, OGG or MP3.

    Am I the only one seeing this?
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    I figured I'd check out some podcasts since there seemed to be a decent buzz around it.

    I downloaded Doppler (for Windows), subscribed to some feeds, let it download overnight, and played the results today.

    If podcasting is to ever get any kind of acceptance, there is going to have to be more than just one or two guys sitting in a basement and bull****ting about lots of nothing for 20 minutes! I don't want to muckrake here, but I subscribed to a bunch of technology-oriented podcasts and heard not one moment of technology! One feed in particular baffled me, and I don't want to get specific, but he started the podcast saying, in effect, "I know this isn't the topic of this podcast, but let's drone on about what's going on in my life for 20 minutes instead - you don't mind, do you?" I know that's what he meant to say because that's exactly what he did.

    One sports podcast literally was like listening to two guys BS about a few teams in a bar. Maybe that's the charm.... But I'm looking for something like SportCentral, to be honest.

    One movie review podcast literally talked about the same movie for 15 minutes, describing almost so much of the movie that it was pointless to go see it.

    I listened to maybe 10 feeds and deleted almost all of them - and one or two might have potential - we'll see in a few days. Right now, there's nothing I'd even listen to on my PC, much less take with me. Do these people listen to the podcasts they make?

    Sorry... But I don't see it just yet.
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    Try the engadget podcast. It has real news in it (granted, it's a review of the prior week's news on

    As for the novelty of it all, it really has to do with the automated delivery and the user deciding when to listen. In the "old" days, you had to sit at a computer and listen live. If you wanted to transport it, you had to record it on a tape or MD and then do something. With podcasting, it's all automatic. MP3/audio is not the killer technology of podcasting, it's RSS.
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    I wasn't enthralled with Engadget either, to be honest. The only feed that to me was professionally produced was "This Week In Amateur Radio", but then, that is content that has been around a long time and only now is being podcast, but a quick listen should immediately give you an idea of what I was expecting from other podcasters.
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