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    Quote Originally Posted by Deweezal
    No your the one that is trolling.
    Joined 2003. post is 97.

    Good honest review? haha
    I posted many of them already. Good and bad.
    Look under "other devices" can you tell me why treocentral keeps deleting threads?
    Why is there only 4 threads posted now?
    Treocentral is very biased, and closed minded when it comes to any other devices that is not a treo.
    I don't believe you are setting your browser correctly, I see over 1K threads (with over 13K postings) on the "Other Devices" forum. To declare we delete the threads on that forum is misinformation.

    I visit that thread for my information also, yes I am interest in PPC devices also.

    But you keep insisting on posting on other forums hence you are banned (and you started this thread in the wrong forum). Please read and comply with T/C TOS and stay out of here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deweezal
    There are a greater number of 650 complaints than ppc660x complaints by far. lol

    Jealous? By what means? lol I had both devices lol.
    Get real.
    I have a choice. In all you infinite wisdom, in all of your trite posts, you have not changed my mind. I am GSM, the choice is mine. Why if what u rant about is so convincing, haven't we listened to your well written review. But that wasn't enough, you come back again, and again not with wisdom with worthless proclaimations. We can read, we read your review. We weighed against the other reviews, did not hold water. You put your 2 cents in threads, and people don't respond to you, and you continue. Unfortunately for you, but more for us, is that the phone with 8 names does not have a organized forum of it's own, the problems that we are hearing about, are not nailed down in one place. Just looking at it with the phone extended is 50% of the decision alone. Then with the professional reviews that knock it, that cinches it. Time to go little man, time to go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronbo2000
    I don't believe you are setting your browser correctly, I see over 1K threads (with over 13K postings) on the "Other Devices" forum.
    Nah, it's not his browser that is set incorrectly, it's some parameter of that forum that's set "incorrectly".

    When I just now visited that forum there were, as he says, 4 posts.

    However, the timeperiod of that forum defaults (apparently) to "last day" rather than "forever". The timeperiod can be set by a combobox field below the list of posts.
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    If TreoCentral were biased, they would have banned all the posters and posts of their criticism of the 650. There's more than a few of those kind of posts, many pretty intense.
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    The other devices forum has never had threads deleted because they dealt with other devices. We do not restrict discussion of other devices, though we obviously prefer the Treo. The issue with how many threads are displayed, which was just a forum software issue, not an issue with curtailing discourse, has been resolved.
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