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    hey gfunk.... seems like marcus isn't closed to diversity afterall... let's all have a beer to diversity! im glad that we have some hardcore treo users posting about their experiences with other pda/phones or I wouldn't know what alternatives are out there . its all about what best suits your needs... making informed choices...not about backing only one idea no matter what happens around us. Palm keeps trying to convince us the word is flat & just accept it!! (clever analogy w/ T650 don't you think?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeldomVisitor
    You took that sentence of mine in a manner I didn't anticipate and misunderstood from whence I was coming by making it.
    No harm done.
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    The biggest thing I'm going to miss about the Treo is

    I think the reason why it is so good is cause there is only one Palm based phone. Pocket PC has tons and tons of phones so you don't get a general pocket pc based site. Everyone has uniform hardware so it seems more uniform here. I do wish there was a site where PPC for Smartphone users XDA and 6315 could talk and have discussions like what is the killer app for their phones...

    I'm having trouble figuring stuff like that out.
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    OK, I'm confused. How does a "banned user" post?
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb
    How does a "banned user" post?
    They can't... but any existing posts still remian with "Banned" under the user name.
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