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    It seems like there are going to be some really interesting ways to use the 650 with your car. Is it worth starting a new forum?

    I have a lot of questions about what type of car audio system will work really well with the 650, its bluetooth feature, streaming audio from Shoutcast and using Bluetooth to stream it to my car stereo, etc.
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    Indeed, with the wide advent of BlueTooth capability now, we might want to highlight that feature either specifically to discuss headsets, or generally to discuss all applications of BT, whether headset, car, or BT-to-PC.
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    You will not be able to stream stereo audio. PERIOD Not to headphones, not to your car stereo, not to your home stereo. Mon only. You could with the A2DP profile, but P1 is not including this. Infact when I asked at the Treo Roadshow, I think I was the only one in attedence who knew what the hell that was.
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    like a list of cars that come bluetooth / treo enabled...that would be cool; and a list of cars and the cooresponding kits used to upgrade them...
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    I think this would be helpful. I'm in the market for a new car and would base my decision, in small part, on how well the car can talk to the 650
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    The biggest part of car kit compadibbility is making usre the profiles and versions match up.

    I have a 2005 Magnum RT with UConnect. One of the firs things I'll do is test the two togehter. The system works with a Nokia 3650 and owners manual says with any bluetoth phone with a handsfree profile version 0.98 or above.
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    I don't see the need for this. I think we may create a Bluetooth forum. That should handle all these issues.
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    sounds good
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    Ghileman rational is right. Automobiles & Treos are strongly correlated for forum users. I found TreoCentral because I was looking for an automobile solution for my mobile phone use.

    I think most of us -- use our phones in our cars anywhere from 50% to 90% of the time.
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    One of the reasons I suggested this is because Treo and car use posts have been popping up in a variety of places (i.e., 650 Hardware, Treo General Chat, etc.). It would be nice to consolidate these posts into one area.

    A separate Bluetooth forum seems like a good idea too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ls3mach
    You will not be able to stream stereo audio. PERIOD
    What a hit!

    Is this because the 650 lacks the BT 1.2 profile?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    I don't see the need for this. I think we may create a Bluetooth forum. That should handle all these issues.
    I tend to dissagree with you, a Treo/car forum is needed to cover issues such as Treo & GPS, Treo and car kit, Treo & DUN to laptop in your car....and so on.
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    Bluetooth forum created for discussion of carkits, headset,s gps, syncing, and whatever your heart wants related to bluetooth:
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