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    A quick note to all of the mods: I believe the mods around here have, overall, done a great job for us. The don't get paid, and we don't pay to be here, so we all owe them a "thanks" every now and again.

    I don't agree with certain opinions by moderators - no big deal (and they don't agree with me on certain opinions). Moderators sometimes make what I think are mistakes in moderating - also no big deal. We're all human, and we try to do the best we can. While I can probably identify specific actions by each of the mods I don't agree with, I also think the mods try to do the best they can.

    I appreciate the work they do.
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    Thanks. If anyone has an issue, please feel free to PM or email any of us (I just enabled email in my profile. Never knew it was disabled). Even if you hate us, let us know, civily. :-)

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