We had an amazing day here at CTIA, however, coming home at 11pm, after waking up at 5:30am due to server issues has forced us to be to tired to add our new articles to the site. Rest assured we will have content up tommorow morning.

What we did after the keynote, and will soon share in the next day: A PalmOne Press Conference with Todd Bradley, Ed Coligan, Sprint, and Intel which was fairly interesting. A 85 minute private interview with PalmOne engineers answering almost all of our technical questions related to the devices. Meeting with PDAApps, mytreo.net, more one on one 650 time, show floor preview. We also attended a private Palmsource party with almost all of their major business/marketing employees (Nagel etc), and we attended Mobile Focus, where we were able to see a lot of treo competition up close, along with talking with companies such as broadcom about the chips inside the 650.

So, we'll have information, videos, sounds, images, and more coming, but for now we must sleep.We have a lot of questions answered, and even some new unreported features to share.

Thank you and good night.