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    This is weird. Sometimes when I log into Treo Central, I get a screen that is colorful and the comments by forum readers are framed and avatars appear. Other times it is a text based page with no graphics. Whats the deal? When Im working with the text based pages i cant figure out how to include some of the previous posters comments into my reply while keeping the previous persons comments in a box above mine. Help me Obi Wan Kenobe, you're my only hope.

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    Not sure...
    What kind of browser are you using?
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    This is their mobile edition:

    This is their immobile edition:

    The mobile edition strips out most of the fancy graphics for faster viewing on a mobile phone... like a Treo. I have noticed that when I visit an off-site page and return to Treocentral on my Treo, I'm directed to the immobile site. I've actually never visited Treocentral from my immobile unit (iMac). I should try that one day.
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    Well I tried the 'big' site, but honestly, I prefer the mobile.
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