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    Hi again,

    Kudos on the creation of developer subforums -- however they don't appear in the forum listings at the mobile site. You can only access top-level forums, so you need to do a search or go to "today's posts" in order to access subforum threads.

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    You are right about that. I don't know if Miradu can check what to do to address this.
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    Please sort this out!
    Animo et Fide
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    When viewing these boards in blazer at the treo optimized url, the sub-forums for developers corner do not show up. How do you get to them? Are they linked somewhere in the optimized version somewhere?

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    Same problem... I'd like to access to the SHSH info from the treo... Makes it a little hard to keep up on the addiction
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    I left a message for miradu to look into this.
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    Thank you.
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