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    if the treo is a cell phone, an presumably going to be used outside more often, then why isn't there a tranflexive screen like on the tungsten e or zire 71? whats the point of it when we can't look up a phone number under the sun? better yet, put this screen on all handhelds and I guarantee that people will be more satisfied with your products. I don't know, it just seems like common sense to me...
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    mine is phone-centric: why such a smart phone as Treo doesn't have some very basic features like SMS delivery notification, Cell ID, Cell Broadcast, sending business card over SMS, etc.?
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    Will Pa1mOne release a firmware upgrade for the Treo 600 to enable 320x320 resolution... for us Treo 600 owners with empty wallets?
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    I would also like to know palmOne's VPN plans. The only VPN I have been able to find for the Treo 600 is the one from Mergic, it only supports PPTP and it has been almost a year since it was last updated.
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    The screen's resolution is 160 by 160...firmware can't upgrade that. It is what it is.
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    I'd like to add another question for the P1 guys...

    Will you guys give us some sort of technical update or report on what causes the buzzing or excessive humming sound for the existing Treo? Hope you could correct it for the newer models to come. Its becoming a nuisance you not be able to hear the other party calling since the only sound you hear is a buzz.... eh?
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    With Sony apparently leaving the handheld marketplace and therein abandoning the only native pdf e-mail viewer for palm what are the prospects that a solution will be developed in-house versus 3rd party. As a business user the only glaring omission I have experienced is the lack of a such an e-mail viewer.

    Or put another way, how does P1 determine when it should develop software in-house as opposed to letting the 3rd party developers satisfy the marketplace demands.
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    Are you thinking to have in the Treo product family a device running another OS like Microsoft Windows Mobile?

    I think that it would be a good idea, not because i prefer it (not today at least) but because it might be a wise thing.

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    Does the tero 600 have issues with the design of the speaker mode feature? I realize a company cannot say a product has a design flaw but wonder if the speaker has 'limited' ability to provide clear sound when phone is used in 'speaker' mode?

    Also, if allowed a related issue/question is why does the tero 600 phones effect radios? I have a AT&T phone so I guess it is gsm and this is the very first phone that will make my car and office speakers emit buzzing sounds. This happens when the radios are off but have power supplied to them (has happened to a pair of speakers that I use for a external sony cd player)...very weird. The speakers are the sheilded type for use with near pcs/tvs. I even suppect that the overhead fluorescence lights effect the single quality.

    thank you
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    1. PalmOne has often cited next generation carrier networks as the key driver for smartphone adoption, what exactly is it about next gen networks that you see as promoting smartphone adoption? Does it center around multimedia functionality or something else?

    2. The current killer app for smartphones is email. How will next generation networks improve this application? What new applications do you see driving your products forward?

    **3. What ever happened to Jeff Hawkins "next great thing" that he said he could work on with palmOne and Handspring's combined resources? Any hints? A Cobalt powered tablet PC? *craigdts starts drooling*

    4. In developing the treo palmOne has had to build relationships and work with carriers, what are the most difficult things to overcome in this partnership?

    5. Since palmOne is a hardware company (that employs lots of software people also) it relies heavily on the OS developer. What do you think about the palmsource Cobalt OS? Is it all that you hoped for in a mobile OS?
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    why don't you take and format your top 25 or so Qs, then let us (TC Users) vote on them and then u send the top 15.
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    - The smart phone is a blend of several technologies, (voice, data, sound, video, sound, etc.). The smart phone is uniquely positioned in the market between the low end, (i.e., cell phones & pagers), and the high end, (i.e., tablet PC's & laptops). How do you envision the Treo product line maturing given the fact that mobile phones are becoming more capable, (camera, text messaging, games, & E-mail), and laptops becoming lighter/smaller and more capable, (wireless networks, VoIP, video entertainment)?

    - How do you determine whether to embed a capability in the Treo product line from the factory, or whether to allow third-party vendors to improve the product? Alternate question: Given the speed of technology development, do you target new Treo products at a technology maturity release point (hardware-intensive decision point) which allows for frequent product releases, or do you target new Treo products at specific capability release points (integration of hardware and software)?

    - Do you seek inputs from users on the Treo smart phone improvement road map (GPS; alternate wireless networks including satelite; music listening device (iPod functionality); integration of accessories such as printers, alternate lenses for the camera, display devices?
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    It seems to me that PalmOne is struggling in the commercial market, medical for example. I attribute that largely to the lack of a productline that includes Wifi or at least WiFi support. How important is WiFi to PalmOne?
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    I can buy a Sony T610 (a fairly feature-filled phone), with a contract, for -$150. Yet a Treo 600 is $300 with contract, a difference of $450!!! Given that I can buy a Palm handheld for $75 or so, I'm puzzled by Palm One's insistence on maintaining such a high price for their phone/PDA combos.

    Yes, I realize that price is by demand. It seems to me, however, that Palm One targets only the early adopters that they can soak for a high price, and doesn't really have a product that addresses cheaper markets.

    That would be fine, after all, you must pursue corporate profits, however, I'm often puzzled to read in the news how Palm is bleeding money, stock tanking, excess inventory, etc. Do you not realize how many users are priced out of your device? Treo line is great, everyone I know wants one but given that you can buy an excellent phone and seperate PDA for a net cost of $0 with contract, it's hard to justify buying one!
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    I develop commercial applications for the Treo 600. I've heard that my Sprint Treo 600 has the capability of knowing its latitude and longitude through an augmented GPS system that triangulates both on GPS signals and cellular tower locations. It's simply a matter of my carrier "throwing the switch" for this information to be deployed to my device. I can only assume this is true for the rest of the Treo family.

    I think this GPS information should be made available to all developers through a publicly-exposed API set in Garnet, and not just to those big fish who have negotiated special and costly business licenses with carriers. I'm talking about the real grassroots developer community that is responsible for making Palm OS as popular as it is today.

    I realize that for this to happen, there needs to be a trust established between the application using the GPS information and the user of that application. Otherwise, it can be easy for malicious applications to invade the privacy of its unknowing user by tracking his or her location, for example.

    The developer community's thoughtful use of this position data can take the usability of the Treo family of smartphones and push it to a new level. As a simple example: Whenever my Treo determines that it is located in my house, it should enable call forwarding to my home landline.

    Can you share your thoughts on publishing such an API for real-world developers to call? And perhaps ideas on how to achieve the user / application trust for proper use of this GPS information?

    Thank you for your time.
    -Jeff Ishaq
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    My question is why does my Treo turn itself on at 3:30 am?
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    At what point on the technology roadmap will Palm implement voice recognition technologies?
    Will this come in phases (i.e., voice dailing first, then voice to text)?, or will the first step be some simple APIs to provide independent innovation to bring the technology forward more quickly?
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    What specific intellectual property and patents do you own that provide a barrier to entry to competitors? thank you
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    The Wi-Fi card has finally come out and may actually work with the 650. However, it is basically useless since it has no RAM. When is Palm going to come out with a combo Wi-Fi /RAM card of 256MB or more?
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    My question is: Can anyone explain what the problem of the yellow/orange blob that appears on the Treo 600 screens are?
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