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    Since this is turning into the Swiss Army Knife of communication devices the biggest challange seems to be a battery that can run all the features for prolonged periods. Are you activley seeking out new battery or power systems to run future models 24 hours or more? Anything on the horizon?
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    nokia and motorola will advance into P1's stronghold, namely into PDAs.

    what does P1 have to fear?

    any hints which development path nokia and motorola will follow?
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    What does PalmOne believe its custormer service ratings are?
    Does PalmOne believe that it providing top notch customer service to its Treo line users?
    What improvements if any has PalmOne implemented to improve its customer service?
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    Given the growth in smart phones, how hard does PalmOne look for a tranceiver that performs well, or at least as well as the competition. Arguably, the Treo 600 radio made by Sierra Wireless is not as good as a Motorola or Nokia component. Has PalmOne considered sourcing their GSM/CDMA radio from a more established manufactuer?

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    Wow...a lot of questions about new products that are not going to be answered and a lot of questions about why Handspring (another company) did things the way they did. C'mon guys, this is a great upportunity to communicate with the powers that be. Most of these questions are not going to be answered or you will get a very polticial response that says nothing. READ MIRADU'S POST!

    Here are some of mine:

    1) The Treo 600 has been out for some time. With so much competition looming, what is P1 doing to spead up product development times.

    2) There has been a lot of reliability issues concerning 3rd party software with the Treo 600. Is P1 working with developers to ensure more stable software is being written for their customer base? What is P1's commitment to 3rd party developers.

    3) You recently launched a keyboard that was compatible with Pocket PCs. Is this a sign that P1 may not be entirely Palm-Centric going into the future?

    4) With the Treo smartphone, what are the biggest concerns relating to battery life? Is it wireless data? Third party apps? The screen? How does P1 make power consumption decisions going forward?

    5) What does P1 see as the biggest challenges being a new player in the mobile phone market and going up against giants like Nokia and Motorola? What does P1 feel will differentiate them?

    6) Does P1 view their business any differently now that a large portion of their business is dependent on carriers who subsidize their product in exchange for long-term contracts?

    7) With the rapid adoption of smartphones, what is the future of traditional PDAs?

    8) Does P1 see Sony exiting the PDA market as a good thing or a bad thing?

    9) What has P1 learned since they started selling the Treo 600?
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    Why do you force the English language auto-correct feature on all us customers with a native language other than English, German, French and the few other languages we can choose upon initializing our Palms?
    We're talking about millions of users world-wide who selects English as the system language in their Palms, but hates that all " i " are changed to " I ", and every developer I've talked to says its impossible to disable this so-called feature.

    Christopher Grenness
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    1. What are your primary sources for determining the market needs that drive the feature set of a device?
    2. We've seen P1 employees post on forums, primarily to respond to very basic problems that afflict new users. Would it be possible to increase the presence of these folks on the boards and for them to engage in discussions of more advanced user issues?
    3. There have been significant delays between the launch of the Treo 600 and carrier deployments. Can P1 do anything to help reduce them for future offerings?
    4. If you coud go back in time to the design of the Treo 600, what would you have done differently?
    5. What are the sizes of the development teams for smartphones versus traditional PDAs?
    6. What's the funniest Treo user story you've ever heard?
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    SonyEricsson P910i is talked about as the smartphone in Scandinavia.
    Even if Treo600 got better reviews than the predecessor, P900, no-one outside the existing Palm user base even know about it.

    I have been holding off buying the P900/P910i due to my investment in Palm software, praying a high-res/bluetooth Treo600 would appear soon.

    When will palmOne step up and be serious about the Smartphone segment in Europe, productwise and marketing strategy-wise?


    Finno Furre
    Malmö, Sweden
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    Quote Originally Posted by finno
    When will palmOne step up and be serious about the Smartphone segment in Europe, productwise and marketing strategy-wise?


    Finno Furre
    Malmö, Sweden
    Precisely the question I was going to ask. Microsoft Smartphones are far more dominant here, what will they do to try and get back a share of that market?
    Animo et Fide
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    How does PalmOne plan to compete with new products like the MDA III and the MPx that have built in wi-fi?

    Does PalmOne consider wi-fi to be an important feature of a Smartphone?

    Do you consider it was a mistake not to include Bluetooth in the Treo 600, and do you think it would be a similar mistake not to include wi-fi in the next version of the Treo?
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    1. Could you please tell us the approximate battery life of TREO 650.
    2. Why did not the developer include a internal flash?
    3. Any plan to make low and medium end of mobilephone running on PALM OS to rival the numerous models of NOKIA, MOTOROLLA , SONYERICSSON so as to reach the majority public .
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    The quality of the Treo 600 camera is below average compared to a lot of other phones on the market (though all its other features more than make up for it). Is it possible for future driver/software revisions to improve the quality or is the hardware limited?
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    Since the Treo 600 seems to be a big hit with both power business users and young techies looking for a mobile IM/phone/camera unit, has Palm One ever considered a Treo like device with a removeable keyboard. I believe its iPaq that has some full size PDAs with attachable keyboards that look similar to the one on the Treo, but you are still carrying around a full PDA most of the time.

    As a 28 year old who uses my Treo for both work and play, it would be great to be able to have the keyboard attached from 9-5 and then dump it in the car and carry a smaller lighter unit the rest of the night when I no longer need to write emails, etc. I believe that a younger generation would embrace the power of the treo if it had the compact size of some of the other camera phones on the market.


    Steve H.
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    With "Convergence" at the tip of everyone's tounge, will Palmone continue to develop its non-phone handheld line, or will it follow the example of it's strongest OS user, SONY, and ditch it's PDA line?
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    Ask them to please confirm and create a recall plan for the "Network Search" battery drainage issue. They need to come clean with their Treo 600 customer base. It's just bad business to pretend the problem doesn't exist while trying to sell a new line of phones. They need to issue an official service bulletin and get on with it...
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    The Treo 600 only has support for PPTP VPN, but not for IPSec VPN, which is very common in the corporate world. Other competitive devices such as the Nokia Communicator have native IPSec VPN support.

    Do you plan to add IPSec VPN support in the near future for the T600? My sense is that it would be very important to successfully capture corporate users given the increased competition in this space
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    Quote Originally Posted by michael828
    1. Could you please tell us the approximate battery life of TREO 650.
    2. Why did not the developer include a internal flash?
    3. Any plan to make low and medium end of mobilephone running on PALM OS to rival the numerous models of NOKIA, MOTOROLLA , SONYERICSSON so as to reach the majority public .
    "What is this Treo 650 thingy that people talk about." That's the only answer you are going to get as they can't comment on any future products.
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    Hi There,

    got news here that the new manufacturers for the Treo 650 will be the same manufacturers for XDA O2? How will you guys rate and estimate the volume of returns when the XDA O2 phones garners more defect than the Treo?

    You should have a lot of buffer stocks for replacement like what P1 did for Treo 600.
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    Moderators, is it possible to mark valid questions and invalid in some way, so that if they are invalid they can be reworded to be valid? For instance, my wifi question would clearly be valid if we were talking to Handspring. It might be less valid since, as someone pointed out, it's now PalmOne. That said, there's very little askable questions if they can't comment on future products and they can't comment on the past. Realistically the Handspring Treo 600 is the same as the PalmOne Treo 600, give or take a logo and a firmware patch or two.
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    Another question:

    Why does PalmOne not comment on future products? There must be a lot of customers buying competing devices because they have better specs than the Treo 600 (bluetooth, wifi, hi-res screens). If they were aware of future PalmOne products they might hang on a little longer.
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