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    I read it from my Treo once, while in bed, with the lights off.

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    Let's look at this from a different direction:

    What makes this site better than any other Treo related site on the internet? Itís the community -- bottom line. With that in mind, I hope everyone realizes that there is a very delicate line between guiding a community in the right direction, and snuffing it out through inappropriate moderation.

    I have helped out a few sites before by acting as a moderator, and I have seen good "site guiding" and bad "power trip moderation." There are few things mentioned that irk me a little, and a few suggestions I have as well.

    Locking Down Avatars
    There should be no need for this. Everyone should be able resist the temptation to take a thread off topic via a retaliatory comment on an avatar. If someone canít, they should expect to probably have the comment quashed by a mod. If someone doesnít like an avatar from someone else, they should get a "counter avatar" and then add more to the discussion so it appears more often.

    Deleting of Posts
    I personally hate when mods do this. (although I can see reasons to most of the time) A better alternative would be for a mod to edit the post, and replace the message with reasoning as to why that message was altered. An good example (even though it is for locking a thread) can be seen here.

    Edit by Moderator: Thank you for participating in the forums. However, this topic has been covered in a recent post Here.
    My Personal Pet Peeve : Board Organization
    I might be a little bit of a stickler about this, but I'm willing to bet that it annoys just about everyone at times. TreoCentral is really unorganized. I just posted this morning in what has to be the billionth thread about QC on a Treo. A little more thread combining, moving and locking really would do wonders. Maybe even dedicating an experienced mod specifically, and only for that might be worth a try.

    Through better organization, a forum can be improved in quite a few ways. The board will be more on topic, information will be easier to find, and finicky people always looking for one specific thing will be happier and come back more. In addition, the main advantage in a larger forum is that it can be "depeaked" -- it can spread the focus out from one jumbled main forum to many excellent subforums, thus enabling all site forums to grow. (Just take a look at, or

    There are a few problems with organization when not done right such as over categorization, and over or forced organization, but when everything is done right it is 100% transparent.

    That's all I have. Sorry about the long post.

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