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    Once again it seems I am not receiving e-mail notification when new posts are made to threads I am subscribed to.

    Is there something down?

    Anyone else having this issuse?
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    Same issue here.
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    Glad I'm not the only one.

    Treo Central? Anyone care to comment?
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    Does anyone else have this problem right now?
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    I can receive them, so it does not appear to be system wide... I am going to send you a test message through the forum software, please post here if you receive it.
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    I did NOT receive it.
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    We switched to a new hosting provider just a couple of days ago, so that is propably the core issue.

    There are a lot of possible causes, but a couple can be ruled out:

    - I do not see the new server's IP on the most popular black lists
    - There is a reverse dns record for the IP.

    I am planning on updating the server's SMTP process from the default Sendmail to Qmail (which I am more familiar with) later this week. That may help.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    a different haircut? JK

    Having the same problem intermittently.
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    I've switched the e-mail account in my profile to another address to see if the problem is on my end.

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