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    I find it annoying and just plain rude.
    On many occasions he's bumped a thread with a blank post and I waste my time to come in and see what's been said to find one of his blank posts.

    Seriously, do a search, I didn't count, but at least 80% of his last 25 posts have been blank.
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    ????what's that all about. Is he trying to raise his post count for some reason?
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    I have no idea, I just find it extremely annoying as I visit here a couple times a day and often the only change in a thread is a blank post by him, which is a waste of my time.
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    bad santa...............
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    I send him a PM...

    Thanks for letting us know..
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    Mods: Change the software to reject blank posts. On the client side, use JavaScript, on the server side use php. Problem solved, I don't see the issue here.

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    We're looking into why VBulliten (the software that runs doesn't block blank posts.
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