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    Does anyone else wish that the Sprint PCS and Verizon Forum under the service providers area could be split into two separate Forums?

    Although I will continue to browse through each carrier-specific set of threads, there seem to be enough differences between the two wireless companies' services, procedures, hardware settings, etc... that it might be easier to contain all the information in dedicated areas...

    Just throwing this out to the mods for consideration.
    thanks for a great site!
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    Probably a good idea. Us VZW people deserve our own forum - may make us feel better for paying 44.99 per month for unlimited data.
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    The carrier forums are based on the concept that Verizon and Sprint PCS are using the same CDMA technology. That is why the GSM forums are all lumped together (AT&T, Cingular, T-Mobile etc).

    The idea of doing this is to relieve forum bloat. Too many forums can make it difficult to browse through and find information. Too few forums and everything is to crowded. I guess as I see it, none of the carrier forums are crowded enough to warrent their own forum, yet. I mean, the first page of sprint/verizon shows almost a week of threads. The first page of the GSM forums show almost a month of threads.

    It's good to bring up the thought, and we should continue discussing this, but it is my opinion that individual carrier forums are not needed yet.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    I also think individual carriers might be a bit much. So long as people mention the carrier in the subject (instead of ambiguous subjects like "I hate my cell phone provider!!!"--please inform us as to the target of your hatred before we click on the thread), we should be okay.
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    I vote to keep them together. Granted there are differences; however, there are also similiarities and I have learned from users of other systems. Ben
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    I agree with keeping them together for now. I can't tell you how many times the source of a problem has been identified by everyone chipping in with their different configurations. If they were separate, then some people may never venture outside that forum and discover a different forum that deals with their issue. Yes, I know there's search, but not everyone does it all the time.

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