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    A couple of site updates

    The staff of would like to welcome ronbo2000 as a new volunteer moderator to our site. He will help us continue to provide a safe environment for everyone to discuss the Treo, as we cross the 30,000 member mark later this month. (If you have not registered yet, why not? All you need is an email address!)

    Thank you ronbo2000 and the other TreoCentral moderators: ToolKit, Kramsauer, MarkEagle, miradu2000, and marcus!

    If you want to help TreoCentral out, there are many different methods to do so. Write an FAQ entry, or submit a news item to Or you can become more involved by writing reviews of software (and hardware) for TreoCentral. Contact me if you want can help with reviews.

    New Forums

    We also added two new forums to the site today. Mac and Treo is for complete discussion of Apple Computer and its relation to the Treo, while Developers Corner is a place to consolidate all those ideas for new applications, and all those new beta applications by developers. Sub forums, private or public are available to any developer at no cost. (email to sign up)

    Full descriptions that go into more detail of both of these forums have been made in the welcome message on each forum.

    We are excited to continue to be the best site for Treo Discussion, News, FAQ's, and Reviews. If you have any comments or suggestions, or if you want to help out, please let us know.

    -Michael Ducker
    Senior Editor,
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    Cool. Competition is good for everybody. Congrats to ronbo2000, and keep up the great work gents.

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