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    I'm just curious, as we've really stepped up our front page news reporting this summer. Do users of this forum actually read what we post on the front page? ( Often it seems that users don't as threads are made posting "news" a day after we put up on front. I'm just curious.
    -Michael Ducker
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    I have the discussion boards as a shortcut so I never go to the front page. Not that there isn't good information there but it does show up in the discussion topics so I usually get the information that way.
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    Only time I go to the front page is if I haven't been around for a while and want to get an update on the news before I head back to the forums.
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    I'm with webslappy; I've got the forum bookmarked, so I usually bypass the front page. I do, however, direct my browser to the main page on occasion.
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    I check out the main page daily. While the forums certainly will have posts about the news, they are not validated. I trust that front-page news will be validated and so I look to that first. Everything else is just rumors & entertainment.

    I like the fact that the front page is getting updated more. I was quite surprised (and happy) when I opened the page to find several new entries after it was static for so long.

    Keep up the good work. I appreciate it.
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    I hardly read the front page. I scan the headlines and if something catches my eye, only then will I read on.
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    Once a week has been enough to stay current. If there is more news, I will visit more often.
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    i get to the forums via the front page, so i read the headlines.
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    I read the front page at least once a week.
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    I also have the Discussions bookmarked; I'll go back to the front page is someone references it in a post, or if there is something that I'm obviously missing (like when I was away for a couple days and there was all this "Treo Ace" discussion - where the heck did that come from? Ahhh, the front page article....)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe
    i get to the forums via the front page, so i read the headlines.
    Same here - my link to TreoCentral is to the home page.

    However, as a counterpoint to the first post of this thread, often the front page articles are WAY behind-the-times, the content having been discussed on the forums and on other sites well before they appear on TreoCentral (this is not a critique, merely an observation).
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    On the computer I go to the front page and read the headlines...on the Treo I go directly to the forums.
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    The discussions is bookmarked on my laptop as well as the Treo so I seldom go there.
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    Now that there is content being posted there again, I check it about once a week. Thanks for providing the service!

    I wish I could subscribe to a "daily update" email for it so that I didn't have to go back and check if there is anything new all the time.
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    I check the front page daily. It is a great source of news and entertainment. I wish the ACE story was back!

    Funny, I think Palminfocenter and several other sites check it too. Their stories (a day or two delayed) seem very similar!
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    I always start there and enjoy the information
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    about the only time i go to the front page is to find out why the discussion board is down.
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    I check it almost every day now. I've ben doing that since new articles started appearing more frequently.
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    I actually view the Treo|Central home page at least once per day. I have made it a point to view the page even more frequently now that new articles are appearing much more frequently.

    Thanks for all the good info and keep up the great work!
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    I scan over the headlines and if it catches my attention, I read the story. If it doesn't then I skip directly to the discussion. Don't get rid of them please
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