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    this would be a fantastic update to treocentral. rather than having to goto either palmgear or handango to search for what software has been updated or is new, we could view them here, as they happen, at the treocentral software area, making this site an even more convenient resource for the treo.

    now im not going to even begin to say this would be easy, the idea is simple but carrying it out isnt. im not sure if this would be legal to do in terms of palmgear`s business either. but it would be a nice feature.

    is it possible to run a google search on palm os software updates everyday or every week to provide this site with new palm os software or the latest palm os software upgrades?

    updates to applications such as agendus pro, contacts pro, takephone, treo butler, treo tools, snappermail, verichat, chatter, pockettunes, etc.

    individual treocentral members contribute news of the updates as it is, but would it be a nicer, more organized feature to have a google search provide this for us here automatically? just a thought. i might be a ridiculous one, but i just thought i would give it a shot. any thoughts?
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    I'll look into it (there may be an RSS feed that we could parse).

    I would like to post news on updates to any treo related software, but I can't find it all out myself. If you have timely news (i.e., you're a developer who just uploaded a new version to palmgear) email me at, and I'll try to put a note up on the front.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Miradu, maybe you can contact Shaun at
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    Does anyone use TrackerDog to keep aware of updates?

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