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    Does Treocentral have an RSS feed so I can get it on the friends page of my livejournal???
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    Not yet...

    Update, see this news item:
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Looks like there is an XML syntax error. This is what IE's XML parser is telling me:

    The XML page cannot be displayed
    Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.


    Error while parsing "". A semi colon character was expected.
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    Looking at the XML, it's probably the un-encoded # sign in the description.
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    I'm working at trying to make it validate, I think I have to escape the non normal charactors. It doesn't like the ascii tm symbol and the & sign. (It also doesn't like the mime type that is attached to it, but I'll ignore that error for now)

    I guess it depends how strict your reader is for parsing the xml.

    This is the output of the validator:
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    I changed the offending news item to remove the special charactors. The feed does validate successfuly now. This is a temporary solution, and I will have to work more behind the scenes to create a permanent solution. Enjoy the RSS!
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Quote Originally Posted by miradu
    I changed the offending news item to remove the special charactors. The feed does validate successfuly now. This is a temporary solution, and I will have to work more behind the scenes to create a permanent solution. Enjoy the RSS!
    Works now, thanks!
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    It's not working here (I'm using Radio Userland as my RSS reader). I've got this nasty error:

    Can't subscribe to the channel. The most likely cure is to check the URL in a web browser and see if you can get it to read the feed. The following message probably won't help you figure out what went wrong, but we include it here because it might. "Can't get the address of "language" because the table doesn't have an object with that name."
    According the RSS 0.91 specification the language tag seems to be a mandatory sub-element of the channel tag. On Treocentral's rss feed it's missing.
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    Anyone get this to work with Trillian's news plugin? All my other RSS feeds end in .xml, but this one ends in php
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    FeedReader Alpha 2.5 Build 610 works nicely. It would be nice to have the thread subscriptions work via RSS as well!
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    I added a language tag to the feed... I guess I never saw that tag on the pages that I looked up the specification on. (I did not use the official netscape page)

    As for the .xml/.php - I needed to do some php scripting to output from the mysql database the stories and descriptions; I tried using .xml and .rss, but right now our apache setup will not parse PHP within those file. I need to modify our Apache configuration to parse those types of files before I can name it index.rss or index.xml. I think most all apps will work with a .php feed.

    I fixed the MIME error, so now I validate as an RSS 0.91 feed!

    As for future RSS feeds, I was thinking of getting an new FAQ feed up. I can look into what vbulletin has for RSS options, but vBulletin is a complicated system; I'm not sure how much I can do.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    I don't think that I can get you an RSS feed for your subscribed threads, but vBulliten does have rudimentry RSS syndication built into it. This (RSS) feed: , is the last 15 posts on TC... This is an RSS2 feed with a bit more detail: I'm trying to get it narrowed down to an individual forum, and see what other variables I can add in there.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    OK, here's what I can offer for a forum RSS feed.

    You can create your own feed of the 15 latest posts from whatever forum, or forums you want to monitor, in either RSS or RSS2 format.

    The base of the feed is this: This feed will show in RSS1 the latest 15 posts on Adding ?type=rss2 to it, will show the latest 15 posts on in RSS2 format.

    You can also specify exactly which forums you want your feed to bring back. use this syntax: ?forumids=9,12,13 - where the numbers are the forum id numbers of the forums you want, sepearted by commas. If you want to combine both rss2 and and specific forums do use ?type=rss2&forumids=9,12,13 (example forums) as your variables. I know, it's complicated, I'm sorry.

    Here's a list of the forums and their forum id:
    TC Forum #'s
    General Chat: 35
    Treo 90: 52
    Treo 180/270: 40
    Treo 300: 54
    Treo 600: 58
    communications: 49
    Multimedia: 63
    Treo Utilities: 53
    General Software: 13
    SD Cards: 66
    US GSM: 61
    World GSM: 62
    All Handhelds: 9
    Off Topic: 6
    CS: 12
    Marketplace: 4
    Test: 24
    Article Comments: 46
    TC: 47 64

    For exapmle, this feed: , gives me the latest 15 posts in the Treo 600 section in RSS2 format, where this feed does that in RSS1. Yeah. I think that is as much as I can do folks, this may or may not be useful to people.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    I love the new RSS feed - thanks!

    However, i'd love to get more data in the RSS feed - I'm actually using hand/rss on my treo 600 as my RSS reader, and its a pain to have to fire up blazer to read the rest of the article after your 'teaser' on the RSS feed. Are their technical/legal/advertising issues against putting the entire contents of the article (at least more than a teaser) in the RSS feed? I know my Treo is a connected web browsing machine, but its so much easier to just hit 'update' to auto-fetch all my feeds, put my treo in my pocket and then when i'm bored or need reading material, then read my feeds, even if i'm not online then.

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    Miradu, now the rss feed works! Thanks!
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    I'm getting a parse error with the RSS today. Can anyone fix it?

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    It's the "&" in the title for the CTIA news item. The & charactor is not valid in RSS feeds, so I gotta replace it with the HTML code, or get rid of it. Sorry bout that.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Hi everyone.

    Is this feed broken, or am I doing something wrong? All the posts I get as part of the feed are several years old.
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    Feed doesn't work for me either
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