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    PalmOne is going to spend $2 million on advertizing the Treo 600? I love mine and think it's the greated device but this is a total waste of money right now.

    They can't keep up with the demand as it is. They should hire more people to help build the things first.

    Might be time to short PLMO once again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmelamed
    They can't keep up with the demand as it is.
    PalmOne has NEVER mentioned that they cannot keep up with sell-THROUGH demand - indeed, the ONLY words out of PalmOne EVER about TREO 600 sell-THROUGH was that it was - at one point in time - twice the sell-through of the best of the prior TREO models WITHOUT EVER SAYING WHAT THAT WAS NOR HOW LONG IT LASTED.

    Do not confuse PalmOne's purposeful obscuring of the success of the TREO 600 with what they actually are saying - having a sales force that lines up a bunch of retail venues that need to be supplied (that is, sell-IN buyers) - the "demand" that cannot be instantaneously fulfilled - is VASTLY different from lining up END-CUSTOMERS who are going to actually be buying the individual units (the sell-THROUGH buyers).

    PalmOne doesn't discuss sell-through nor sell-through demand for a reason.

    And starting up an ad campaign to get sell-THROUGH numbers up a YEAR after a device has been introduced says REAMS about what the sell-through demand is, whether PalmOne wants to tell us or not.

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