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    This June, TreoCentral will be revamping its editorial section. We will be going back to our roots and have daily news, reviews, and commentary. For the first time (for me), I will be working actual hours for TC as an employee, and not a volunteer. This will create some stability for the site moving on through the summer and launch of the next generation Treo. We will also be addding more reviews/news/articles written by other Treo users.

    In preparation for this time, I am trying to generate some new article ideas, to help me, and other writers of TC in those days when that creative spirit is just not working. Specifically please, which products do you want to see reviewed? What do you want to see covered in articles? Do you have specific questions that you want to ask to people in the Treo community (Jeff Hawkins, Will Lau etc). What do you want to see us cover more - hardware or software? What is most important for you to read other than daily news about Treo stuff. (which we will be doing).

    The more specific you can be in what you want, the better we can try fulfil your wishes.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    I'd like to see the regular news updates as well as some reviews of the news updates.

    "it's not the quantity, but the quality"

    There are NO Limits
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    I'd like to see reviews and user examples of various packages that really put the emphasis on smartphones. For example, what's the real, in-depth difference for Visto vs. Sprint's Business Connect vs. Basejet vs. Good vs........?

    Also, reviews of smartphone specific apps like TAKEphONE would also be nice.

    The overall depth of the coverage is important too. Not just a review that reiterates what can be taken off of a datasheet, but the real world usage. How well does it integrate.

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