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  • Post all the stuff that hits the web, even the little minor unconfirmed ones.

    5 14.29%
  • Post only the rumors that the staff believes strongly in, or that are unique to TreoCentral and that the staff will stand by.

    25 71.43%
  • Post only publicly confirmed ones (such as an FCC report)

    4 11.43%
  • None at all, you are not a rumor site.

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    Ok folks, the world is abuzz with next generation treo speculation. Every little new insight - from a report stating that HTC will supply it in september, to an analyst mention a 610, sparks a new flurry of rumors about the next generation Treo. And we're part of it to. We've added our own no-camera rumor to the mix [which we still stand by... unsure of date though], verizon info, to unique commentary, and old rehashing of the same stuff from other sites.

    But TreoCentral has never been a "rumor" site. I remember James Hromadka telling me that over AIM when I was just starting (back when he was Senior Editor of However we do have a history of breaking the news of the real stuff when it happens. We were the site that first discovered the planted Treo 600 in Jeff Hawkin's hands from the june press photo of palm and handspring merging.. we always post FCC info as soon as we get it, in fact we've broken, or been within hours of breaking news about every treo so far released.

    My question to readers is though, do you want to see the rehashing of the little rumors from around the web on the main TC site? Or do they belong simply in the forums? If we feel that we have unique info that is backed up strongly we WILL publish it, but the problem is is that the little ones are getting ridiculous - I will quote ed hardy from a recent brighthand article

    "Some sources say this model will have a high-resolution screen and others say it won't. It has been reported that this device will have Bluetooth, but other sources deny this."

    I mean we should just give up reporting it - nobody is willing to assert anything. (meaning they know it and can't confirm it, or that nobody knows anything). When we have a complete picture of the device, we will share it, but it probably won't be beliveed unless we have photos or something.

    Am I in the wrong for believing this? Or should we make a big deal out of every little bit of info we get? For example, my current personal belief is that the 610 does not exist as a 610 anywhere. IE, bargainpda was completely wrong in the naming, and somehow it has stuck. However I still wrote a 610 commentary article, and pretty much left it open to either way. (When writing the article I was unsure/not to believing, but now I don't believe it at all). I made a poll, but I want to hear comments to.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    In the post, or article, about the rumor, you should be very clear where you got the information from, and why you think it has a strong possibility of being true. However, if you notice over time that you are wrong often, you may want to deep-six the idea.

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    rumors are one thing -
    Its the juvenile hoaxs that are really annoying.
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    Personally, I rely on the news page of TreoCentral to provide me with the facts. Rumors can fly in the forums, but I look at TreoCentral as my source of truth
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    another nice thing would be for people to use the search function before posting something. I mean how many threads are there on here right now with the same UK linked article about the update? The stupid posts with fake pictures and stuff don't really belong either. It's just a waste of a thread. It's not bad when viewing this from a computer, but when it's from the Treo itself, it takes a long time to see absolutly nothing.
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    Post all the rumors, but then debunk them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nighthawk700
    In the post, or article, about the rumor, you should be very clear where you got the information from, and why you think it has a strong possibility of being true.
    We can easily give our reasoning to WHY we thinking something is going to happen, but it is near impossible to clearly state where we get our info from if we publish something unique... People only will talk to us if they believe that we will not even try to link to where they exist in the palm community, let alone who they are - peoples jobs are at stake if they really do leak info. I guess this is where the built up trust comes from in a site, and where all the confusion lies (lack of fact checking). Basically you will have to believe us that if we think think something is accurate we will say so, and if you don't believe it you say nice fiction. However, if there is EVER any linkable site that helps describe why we know something we will post it with whatever is being talked about to help explain our reasoning.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    of course you can make mistakes or
    fall victim to a hoax and i too find
    the juvenile photshop files very tiring
    however... i say you should still publish
    as you did on the 610 one...even if it's
    not 100% substantiated...

    the fact that TC keeps an eye on the
    facts day to day (even rumours) is the
    reason I log in every day, and I'm sure
    I'm not alone... you have become
    the authoritative source by default...
    to see what i mean just log in to,
    occasionally... now that's sad

    keep up the good (and enthusiastic) work

    TC has critics but is still unsurpassed
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    Yes. I want to see a strong rumor that Mobile forums will be up by tomorrow
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    I think we have enough rumors on this site. But if all you want to do is another separate category then post away! We have all the debunkers and rumor mongers in this site. Including the one where TC Mobile Forum will be up tomorrow????!!
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    Treo Central Mobile Forum is back! I don't believe it!!! It must be a rumor.

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