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    Last edited by ACDriver; 05/11/2004 at 02:48 PM.
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    ACDriver, your posts and many others in that thread were offtopic and offensive to the subject. We encourage discussion, but only if it is constructive discussion.

    Quote Originally Posted by ACDriver
    It makes sense but I guess I never really thought about TC being a store front as opposed to an open forum for ideas surrounding Treos.
    I am not paid for any moderating work I do. I represent the community and not the store. I closed the thread not because it caused some kind of financial harm to or to arcbody, but because it was against our policies that threads must stay on topic, and not contain inflammatory language.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    I was about to start a thread myself about this when I saw ACDriver had started one already.

    Can TC Staff still see the original posts that ArcBody made, before he edited them? Honestly, I thought his first post was meant to be a joke! The content was hilarious, the images were an excellent PhotoShop job, the font was the biggest I've ever seen anybody using on this forum, etc.

    His next posts were completely ignoring the comments from other posters.

    It all read like either it was coming from somebody like gsmunlocker (remember him?) or somebody with a great sense of humor.

    I think most posts were very much on topic until ArcBody choose to ignore questions and comments and just went on with his spam. That's right, I feel it was spam. I'm sure that if he had actually shown that he was willing to answer and discuss, the thread would have never gone where it went.

    Also, I can point you to about 326 threads that went completely off topic, all in the last month.

    All in all, I can understand why you closed the thread. I don't understand your comments though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mol
    That's right, I feel it was spam.
    I'm with Mol. ...I also look lopsided, apparently.
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    Mol is right on here.

    Some of us had actual concerns about the so called Beta program. It was ArcBody who basically chose to ignore them and instead post a bunch of nonsense. He was as much to blame for the thread crapping that went on.

    Since when do we have to help some one make a profit? Is it against the rules to disagree with a person's marketing strategy? No one said ArcBody was trying to trick anyone here, some of use just didn't like the way the beta plan had been proposed.

    I also agree the thread should have been closed. It got completely off topic, but I too completely disagree with Miradu's views on his beta plan. Hardware or software, no beta tester should be asked to take a financial loss to aid in the development of a product which eventually is going to make the creator profit.
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    I wish we could get more threads closed, for the reasons stated above. It's not so fun and easy to find new nuggets of USEFUL info if away for more than a day, with all the questions that have been previously hashed out. Even today, there's still new people, and people who don't search for answers lurking around.

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