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    TreoSelecTest (TST) is an innovative little utility that was developed right here on the boards! (see this thread, or this thread.). It allows Treo users to select text using the keyboard, in a way that seems built in. TreoCentral users pledged money to support the development of this application, and when it came to be, the developer requested that to give these pledges people buy x amount of software licenses through Palmgear or Handango. Most users did not know what do to with these extra licenses, but with the help of elysium9, 21 licenses were collected and donated BACK to TreoCentral users. This is one of three contests going on to giveaway these 21 copies of TST.

    In this thread, we are asking the question, What can we do to improve TreoCentral? New features, new content, new interface what do you want? The five best responses, as judged by TreoCentral staff will win a copy of TST. Please make sure to have a current email address registered with your username, as that is how we will contact you.

    Also, six copies will be given away randomly to 6 posts in any of the three contest threads. One entry per thread per person please.

    In other threads we are asking what could make the Treo better, and a general giveaway thread.

    Thank you to elysium9, and TreoCentral users for creating this contest!
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    [list=a][*]notification email pointing to both the main forum and the mobile forum.[*]notification email pointing to both the main forum and the mobile forum.[*]notification email pointing to both the main forum and the mobile forum.[*]expand coverage to include carrier info. It is a phone carriers are important.[*]rxpand coverage on palmOne/palmsource. not one word on the palm thingy that went on this week?[*]more surveys with shorter time spans.[*]bring back spell ckeker[*]interviews with ppl in the know[*]an update on TC ringer would be nice. is it or isn't going to be updated.[*]this was brought up by someone else, but you should have a list of treo utilities like the old springboard you had at visorcentral.[*]notification email pointing to both the main forum and the mobile forum.[/list=a]
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    1. FAQ: Sticky FAQ for each forum, and an semi-intelligent page flow to help navigate & search the complete set of FAQ (call it a knowledge base if you like). Should definitely include a list of How-To's.

    2. Make the search pages more intuitive and more in the face, for example by adding a Search box on every page

    3. Force people to choose a category when they start a new thread, a little like in some newsgroups where people put REQ at the start of the subject to indicate the post is a request for something. Suggestions for categories: REQ, NEWS, HELP (for troubleshooting).

    4. Content. TreoCentral is only a discussion board by now. I understand creating content may be time consuming for the staff, but if you're creative you can find already content in the forums themselves: there are good review threads about accessories and applications, it shouldn't be too hard to compile those into articles.

    5. Software Tracker: list Treo specific and commonly used apps on Treos, with a short description, price, link and latest version number. Even better: let people subscribe to updates to this list.

    6. Same as 5 but for accessories.

    7. Enhance the New Posts function, at least a View Today's Posts (see ClieSource). Even better: View New Posts since <enter date and time>

    8. Upload attachments from the mobile site.

    9. Organize group purchase deals (and please not only for US residents...)

    I guess that's all for now
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    I'm not sure if this is already possible or not, but I'd like to be able to limit the "new posts" search to only certain categories.

    I mostly only care about Treo 600 Hardware, accessories, utilites, and SprintPCS, so I'd like to be able to ignore new posts in other categories.

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    I'd like to see ends to contests. What happened to the software giveaways and the new writer contests from a month ago? Followthrough is always a good idea.
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    Before we get too carried away with what is wrong with TC, let me just say that it is a great resource and a daily source of enjoyment for me. Thank you.

    A couple of ideas

    The ability to scroll through threads without being hampered by pages. Seperate pages and page numbers are helpful to locate things, I suppose, but when reading through an entire thread, it is very tedious to be limited to one page at a time. How about a function/option to view thread with out page seperations.
    More moderator intervention to zap new threads that repeat same content as previous threads. Either combining/merging the disparate threads or eliminating them. New threads should be reserved for truly new info/developments.
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    most of the suggestions so far have focused on what the staff of TC could do to make the website better. i'd like to take a different tack. i thought what happened with TST was pretty cool; was an active participant in trying to get more folks involved in the process of making tst happen. i would personally like to see more of that happening here. that is, the pulling together of participants to achieve common aims. right now elysian9 and i are trying to get people involved in contacting the developers of documents to go to get them to upgrade their software so that it works with the treo 600's 5-way. even if folks don't want that software now....they should be involved in emailing the developer. that way there is more optimized software for the treo. that can only help everyone. the more that is out there for us the better for all.

    so i guess i'd like to see a new section for threads other than hardware or software....something like "what i can do to help...." there could be FAQ explaining the purpose of this section and a history of what is has accomplished to date.

    there, people can post things where we as a group of treo users can make a difference. although it looks like dean is not going to get the nomination, his campaign showed the power of the internet in politics. in a similar vein, i'd like to see the power of this user group be more effectively harnessed to the betterment of all users. i think a good place to sart is by getting as many software titles as possible optimized for the treo.

    and the most effective way to do that is to reguarly send lots of targeted emails to a given developer (such as dataviz at the moment) until we get success. then we can move on to other developers.

    ps don't enter me in the contest either. i already have it and donated multiple copies for this contest
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    [No need to enter me into the contest. I have already registered TST.]

    TreoCentral is a fantastic website and resource the way it is now. Here are some ideas for making it even better:

    (1) Currently users cannot download attachments in the Blazer-optimized discussion area. Attachments do not show up in this mobile forum. Since TreoCentral users now use Blazer as often as they use their desktops to download attachments, a change in the template is probably in order.

    (2) Let's put all the beta testing threads in a single place!!! That way developers have a place to get feedback on their programs. That way users *like me* don't have to scour endlessly through threads to find cool new apps in development (it's a sickness!).

    (3) TreoCentral should have a newbie discussion area. Newbies could go there to ask questions without fear of getting flamed. The newbie area would have a few sticky threads on essential applications and guidelines for successful TreoCentral use. If a thread appeared in a different area that focused on a newbie question, the moderator would simply move the thread to the newbie area. The rest of us wouldn't see it except for when we intentionally went to the newbie area to encourage new members along.

    (4) There should be subscribe and unsubsribe links at the bottum of every thread in the full version AND mobile versions of TreoCentral.

    (5) Regardless of whether change 4 above is implemented, please change notification emails so that they have links pointing to threads in the main AND mobile forum. The lack of pointers to the mobile forum is a nightmare for road warriars because getting to the appropriate mobile thread requires a lot of cutting, pasting and editing of the URL.

    (6) If I were running the store, I would show tons and tons of Treo products even if I didn't plan to carry all of them myself. for products I didn't carry, there would be links to the stores that did cary them. For the user, it would be one stop shopping and TreoCentral would always be the logical place to begin a Treo-related shopping experience. Actively solicited user feedback would be published in an organized way. So TreoCentral would also become an extensive buyer's guide! Cases are just one area where TreoCentral members would benefit greatly were this approach adopted.

    Obviously there would be a loss in revenue from click-throughs to other stores when users chose products that TreoCentral didn't offer itself. However, IMO this would be more than made up for by an increase in traffic by folks like me who would become accustomed to always starting their shopping experience at TreoCentral. Also, many online stores have affiliate programs and pay for click-through's that lead to sales.

    Thanks for the awsome website. Keep up the great work!!!
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    Don't enter me in the contest, as I'm one of those that pledged and already bought copies of TST.

    But I'd really like to see better support for access by the Treo. The ability to download attachments seems obvious, and the forums should allow midi files and mp3 files as attachments so we can download them directly into the Treo.

    Also, when links to other threads exist in a message, clicking them takes one OUT of the WAP formatted forums. Ideally, the forums should be smart enough to know if I'm browsing from a portable device, and translate the link into the equivilent.

    And while I'm glad you took over the Treo600Essentials web site, it seems some of the original content of that site has disappeared. I recall that there were product reviews there that no longer exist. Please bring them back. And please build on that site. It doesn't appear any new content has been added in quite some time.
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    How's about more stickies with FAQs? I'm _really_ getting sick of seeing the same "my screen isn't centered" whines over and over.

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