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    TreoSelecTest (TST) is an innovative little utility that was developed right here on the boards! (see this thread, or this thread.). It allows Treo users to select text using the keyboard, in a way that seems built in. TreoCentral users pledged money to support the development of this application, and when it came to be, the developer requested that to give these pledges people buy x amount of software licenses through Palmgear or Handango. Most users did not know what do to with these extra licenses, but with the help of elysium9, 21 licenses were collected and donated BACK to TreoCentral users. This is one of three contests going on to giveaway these 21 copies of TST.

    This thread is a general giveaway thread. The first 5 responses to this thread will automatically win. After that, make a post so that you can enter in thee random drawing portion of the TST contest. 6 copies of TST will be given away randomly to 6 posters in any of the three contest threads. One entry per thread per person please. Please make sure to have a current email address registered with your username, as that is how we will contact you.

    In other threads we are asking what could make TreoCentral better, or what could make the Treo 600 better.

    Thank you to elysium9, and TreoCentral users for creating this contest!
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    Here's my reply.
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    And here's mine....
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    me too
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    my reply!
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    here I am
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    oops wish it were for the fist SIX! hehehe
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    I'm in.
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    Count me in!
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    This whole giveaway thing was definitely one of my better ideas, eh?
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    ready to win
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    and the winners are...
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    Token reply.
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    I'm in.

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