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    Call me oversensitive, but I am really getting annoyed with all of these "What if" and "When?" threads.

    Seriously, there are about 20 different threads about the Treo 610, and about the same with OS 6, updated camera firmware, Sprint SMS being started, T-Mobile availability, and Hotmail on the T600. The sad part is I know I am forgetting a few more beyond that...

    I am not trying to point blame at anyone, I just kinda want this minimized, if possible.

    Possibly an "OFFICIAL THREAD" thread might be the best way to tackle something like this? Hopefully most people will recognize the problem, and use them.

    What does everyone else think?
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    I think that you could just ignore these threads if they bother you so much. Others may enjoy reading them and contemplating the question of what if and when.
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    I agree with RWerksman. True, everyone has the right to post as many duplicate threads as he/she feels is necessary, but it results in the boards becoming cluttered. For example, there have been about 6 or 7 threads, it seems, regarding whether or not realplayer is available for the treo yet. If everyone posted in the same thread, it would be less frustrating trying to locate the correct information. When I was searching for information about SMS about a week back, it took forever trying to sift through the dozen or so different threads to see if anyone in my area had success sending SMS. It would have been much easier if everyone had just posted in one thread. Just my 2 cents.
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    One possibile solution would be for the boards to have moderator-assignable "flag words" (e.g. "Hotmail") that would be pulled out of new thread titles and submitted into a the board's seach engine.

    For example, if a newbie submitted yet another thread on Hotmail, instead of automatically creating the new thread the submitter would be taken to a search results pages on the word, then asked if he or she would like to proceed with submitting the new thread anyway.
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    I don't mind a lot of different threads - they should just be in the proper category (including this one).

    My vote is to just let people post where it makes the most sense for them. The result may be chaos, but it is a discussion board here, not a library.
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    The problem isn't people's right to post in inappropriate places, but finding ways to abate the resulting confusion. My suggestion above in no way prohibits people from posting redundant threads. It's designed to raise awareness of existing identical or related discussions before posting rather than engendering equally redundant "do a search" responses.

    I would also suggest to suggest to TC that replacing the "Search" link with a more general search box above the banners on each page would encourage people to make more use of the search engine. Burying the tool one link down might not seem like a big deal, but I suspect that for many users, the Search link goes unnoticed, blending in with the other links in the nav bar.
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    Nature of the beast, the bigger we get, the flakeier we get. Look at the 952 posts of "I have SMS in my city now" posts. Even though there are already threads on said city and there are several master threads on it.

    Yes, this does bug me, but there is not much that can be done, even as a moderrator. I choose to not read most of them and just let it ride. Pick your battles if you will. BTW , your preaching to the choir. The people who don't need to know will read it and the ones that do will not....
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    Originally posted by Jeb
    I think that you could just ignore these threads if they bother you so much. Others may enjoy reading them and contemplating the question of what if and when.
    My issue isnt with asking the "what if" and "when" questions -- its with having 20 different threads asking the same question.

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