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    Editor's note: TreoCentral has now acquired Treo600Essentials, see posts below.

    I've put alot of time, effort and money into Treo 600 Essentials for the benefit of the Treo community. Most people really have no idea just how much is involved in running even a small site with forums, FAQ's, product reviews, ever changing links, etc.

    Regardless, I did it anyway - mostly because I thought people were supportive and understanding about my personal efforts.

    Over time I've come to realize this is not the case. I'm shutting the doors because I receive tons of deconstructive e-mail, people demanding support from me for products we've linked on the site (go figure) - even my requests for constructive feedback on this forum are met with personal criticism and attack from people who don't realize they are affecting more than just thier own karma, now they've affected others as well.

    So goodbye, I'm sure there are plenty of other small sites left for this community to kick around.

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    WAIT!! We really need the links you provided somewhere else! I use the links page all the time...Can SOMEONE else host the links page?? Or can you send me the links...there was a lot of time and research put into finding out what the links to mobile versions of pages were...please don't get rid of them!!

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    Well, I apologize on behalf of the people that were rude to you.
    Your site was really great and obviously you worked hard at constructing and maintaining it. I'm sorry to see you go.
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    I understand your frustration. However, it's worth considering that those that found your site helpful and enjoyable were, no doubt, the silent majority. I, for one, found your site invaluable on more than one occasion and am sorry to see it go.

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    I too found the site to be an excellent resource.

    He wasn't kidding though. Did you see where the site is now linked?

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    Please reconsider, I use your site daily, especially the links section. It's really disturbing to see that the vocal opinions of the weak-minded can lead to the closure of a good repository of information on the internet.
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    Why not just stop accepting e-mail through the site?

    Let the morons stew in their own ineptitude.
    Volvo-driving, Sushi-eating, Latte-sipping Liberals Against Stereotypes.
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    dude, i loved your site.

    every freaking new treo 600 user should be required to read the site before posting here.
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    Hate to see you go. However, I understand why as there are a ton of people out there who feel that they are entitled to some kind of premeir 24/7 support from someone's hobby.

    I'd ask you to reconsider after a bit of cooling off and don't let the malcontents destroy the fun and service it is to the community.

    Otherwise, please consider creating a zip or tarball of the site for those of us who used it often and had positively contributed to the site so we might have a form of reference. I'm guessing that I'm not alone in having used it as my link portal and general reference and the loss will make using my 600 more difficult.

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    Thanks for your efforts. I thought your site was excellent.
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    thanks for everything that you did
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    Sorry to hear about your closing. It's really a shame that people seem to rush to criticize and demand from people online without thanking those for their efforts in providing support for no cost.
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    Yes. Thanks for the hard work.

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    With all due respect to Derek - and hopefully without unduly influencing my own karma in a negative way - I am curious why others have been setting out to create their own dedicated Treo sites when TreoCentral is basically the defacto epicenter of all that is Treo. With the loss of TreoEssentials, we are still left with, as far as I can recall, the relatively new Treo Owners Club and the very neo NeoTreo site. Now before I am flamed into oblivion, I must state that I do understand the benefit of having treo-dedicated sites popping up all over the internet as a wonderful bellwether of the mass acceptance of the Treo6 in the world. However, my concern is that as these new sites proliferate, TreoCentral's knowledge base will diminish. Why search for and share on multiple sites when one can do it efficiently and effectively on one super site?
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    Originally posted by JudBaird
    With all due respect to Derek - Why search for and share on multiple sites when one can do it efficiently and effectively on one super site?
    No offense taken - this is a great question and it deserves an answer.

    I started T600E because TreoCentral did not offer alot of things that were in demand - especially in handheld format. Things like reviews, a thorough link portal, accessory archives, etc. have effectively been non-existant at Treo Central.

    The folks who run TC are strapped heavily for time - so much so in fact that they offered to buy my site out and offered me a staff position to continue my work under the Treo Central nameplate.

    Que sera sera, what will be will be.

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    Great idea! Why not accept the offer?
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    Every site in existence gets negative e-mails, Derek. Don't take it personal. I really enjoyed your site, and hope to see it up and running again in some form in the near future. wouldn't be the place it is today had Wil given in to the evil forces. Don't let it get to you!
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    This is a shame. Treo 600 Essentials has definitely been the best of the Blazer-optimized portals and it'll be a serious loss.
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    Originally posted by scrinch
    Great idea! Why not accept the offer?
    Yes, I second that. Or even stop accepting e-mail from you site. It was a really great site and its closure has been a great loss for the community. Whatever you decide, thank you for the time and effort and everything else you put into it to make it what it was! It will be missed!

    Best Regards,
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    Sheesh, what looked like one of the most useful treo 600 portals is dead before I can even get my hands on a treo 600. That really sucks. Shame that a few bad apples always end up spoiling things for the whole bunch. Hope you reconsider or take up TC on their offer Derek, your time and hard work was appreciated by many.
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