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    I think it's pretty obvious where you and your site stand in the hearts of many of the TC fold, judging by the influx of replies to your initial post, myself included.

    It's ironic to me that your treo site was the 1st site I visted on my T6 after initially purchasing it. Suffice it to say that I'm saddened by your site's departure. Personally, it was an 'essential' stepping stone in getting to know my T6's capabilities in the early days. I enjoyed your concise reviews.

    There will always be naysayers and sychophants seeking to drag one down in life. Don't succumb.

    I really wish you the very best in whatever future endevours you may next engage in.

    Best Wishes,

    -Ade Olumide-

    P.S. Psst....Take the TC offer!!
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    man...I don't even have my 600 yet....
    I had your site bookmarked on my desktop!!!
    I hope u decide to just take a break and regroup.
    watching u on these boards...the Treo is in your blood...
    you'll be back....I hope

    180 on its last leg!
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    I just read your posting and I am shocked that you would have such problems from a few crummy people who would send you hatful email. I love your site and can only hope that you either reconsider or that you do sell your site to treocentral. Good luck and take care and I feel so bad that a few rotten apples can ruin it for all of us. Take care, jay
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    As a frequent user of the site, I want to say that its presence on the web will be missed. I don't think you can say that about too many sites out there. Good luck in your next endeavor Derek.
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    Originally posted by raynmansf
    I have no idea how you found all of those GREAT pda enabled links!! I really relied heavily on your portal to find the news and info that I needed!! Do you see a portal site going up on TreoCentral any time soon?!!? We NEED it!!

    rayman, checkout pdaportal for a huge list of mobile formatted sites. It probably has the largest library of any site around:
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    Derek ... don't close down your site. We really are all big fans of yours.
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    the link to etiquette awareness is a nice touch, derek. well-said.

    graceful answer to your offendors.

    anyway, i wish you the best derek. your enthusiasm was well-appreciated here. i would bet you can see now that you have far more fans of your site than detractors, so you would be applauded if you were to reopen it under treocentral.

    best wishes to the future derek. stop in once in a while
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    Sorry to see it go. I understand where your coming from but nonetheless I'm sorry to see it go. Best of luck.

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    DUDE, your site was possibly the best site out there. I checked it everyday. Everything you had there was more useful to me than anything else. Please reconsider and come back. You can't let deusche bags get to you. There will always be those types of morons who infest a good thing and end up destroying it. But in all honesty, I don't know what I will do without your site!
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    I Loved the site too!! Please reconsider.
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    Derek -

    I will really miss your site - especially since I made it my Blazer home page. I hope you might reconsider or partner with TC. For what it is worth - this Treo user appreciated your efforts!

    Best of luck to you...
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    Derek, As a charter user, I am going to miss the site. I remember how it started even!
    Best of luck to you, I understand where you are coming from, I have had some web/internet stuff backfire for no reason and ruin someting that I love. perhaps stoping now, before it's too late is wise. Can you aleat consisder letting the site stay the way it is, just no more upgrades and updates and no email links?
    Can someone adopt the site from you?

    For this to come to this, some (read a lot) of people must have really been real a-holes, sorrry to see a person that is only doing something to be nice get smacked like that. It hurts more, when you don't know it's coming, which is so often the case with sites like yours (ones that look and fell professional., but are really just a non-paying, time vaccumms that one poors love and time into).

    It was great while it last buddy!!!

    Bes tof luck and regards, Matt
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    It was a very nice site. It will be missed.
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    Your site was one of the first I visited on my Treo and I used it as a reference many, many times. I'm very sad to see you go. I hope you'll reconsider and find a way to continue the excellent work with a minimum of pain.
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    I will miss the site as well. Enjoy your free time.
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    I understand your frustration and being fed up with the down side of running the site and dealing with the undesirables. When this sort of thing happens we can lose sight of the prize and forget why we got into what we are doing in the first place.

    But as you can see your site is a valuable place or Treo Users and it will definately leave a hole. It is a reflection of your research, knowledge, timelyness and hard work and that is not easily duplicated.

    I am a believer in seasons, and I hope that the season for Treo Essentials is not past.

    Whatever you decide, I wish you much success and fulfillment in the direction that you choose to take.

    "Everyday is a Gift, A Blessing, An Opportunity!" - GM

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    I do hope you change your mind, there are so many of us that appreaciated all of the hard work and loved your site! take care, jay
    Please Support Research into Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain and Spinal Injuries. If You Suffer from These, Consider Joining or Better Yet Forming a Support Group. No One Should Suffer from the Burden of Chronic Pain, Jay M. S. Founder, Leesburg Fibromyalgia/Resources Group
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    Sorry to see you go.
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    Hey Derek. Your site was my home page on "my precious"! For those morons out in Treo land who gave you a hard time, well, I better not say. Your work was much appreciated (as demonstrated in this thread already).

    If you are someone else decides to put one back up, I would suggest keeping it a little simpler to save you some time and drop the discussion groups and reviews. Just keep links, ringtones and the pics up. Probably a once a month update would be great.

    Sorry to hear you got burned. When I get a negative email on my site, I usually chalk it up to the fact that enough people are visiting that I get the whole gammit of society.
    "...There is no try..." - Yoda
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    I'm another one of the Treo 600 users that has your site bookmarked and I visit it daily. As all the others have stated, please take a few days and think it over. Pull the e-mail piece, you don't need that crap!

    Here's hoping you decide to keep it going!

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