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    Derek, you did a great job and I will truly miss the site. loved it while it lasted, and I thank you for it.
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    Damn, that really sucks. I was wondering why you hadn't updated it in ages.

    Sorry to hear you go - I loved the site personally.
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    I love your site and would be willing to pay a hefty premium to use it. If you are interested please let me know. I would also recommend floating around the idea of a subscription service...maybe a few dollars a month via paypal with a login.

    Or if you are sure you want out I would be happy to purchase the domain and contents for a good price and host it on one of our corporate servers. I can give a techsupport guy the problems of dealing with questions

    Let me know if you are interested.

    God Bless, <><
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    I also really enjoy and make regular use of your site. But as an IT Manager I can completely understand your frustration. Very few understand how hard the job is and only have things to say when things don't work, it's a thankless job. Still I show up every day and place limits on what I will and will not deal with.

    I agree with the others, don't accept e-mail via the site or setup an automated reply to any incomming e-mail. Choose which e-mails you will and will not answer.

    I have some space on a web server and would be happy to take this over for you if you have completely thrown in the towel.

    Thanks for the hard work.
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    Sorry to hear your gone. It was this site that really pushed me over the edge to purchase a Treo 600. I was really impressed at your efforts and time. Thanks and Good luck.
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    TreoEssentials is the Treo600 portal I check often when I have time. Now you're telling me I have to delete my bookmarks from my Treo and my computers. Just kidding. From what I've read in numerous threads, you are passionate about our Treos. If the passion is lost, then I can understand your decision. But usually, negative opinions should not be a deterrent for someone so intensely motivated. Maybe you just need a break and recharge. Good luck on any future endeavors.
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    I'm sorry you felt 'BEAT Down' by the Treo community, I'm sure the majority of the users appreciated your efforts.

    I hope you reconsider and stick least here
    No good deed goes unpunished
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    sorry really enjoyed the site

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    i too will miss your site...but I gotta admit you sound like a real whiner. You either need to a) grow thicker skin, or b) stop accepting emails

    Best of luck in your next endeavor

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    Derek, please reconsider! I too loved your site. Don’t let all your time and efforts go to waste because of the ignorance of a few…
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    Too bad, your site was great. Ignore the cra\
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    please do not listen to those who are trying to tear treo600essentials down.

    who the hell are these people? force them into building a site as you did and lets see what kind of crap they come out with. im sure it would be lousy... wouldnt hold a candle to what you did, derek. im sorry to see you go.

    these people are probably jealous of you or are just ...holes, and they need to be ignored... but they drive you nuts and force you into doing something rash like this... closing your site.

    dont let them talk you into closing your site derek... you did great work. the treocentral editors know this, and so do we. dont allow these other ...holes to influence anything you do.

    what a pain in the ***...these know-it-alls. i hope theyre happy. now the site`s gone... if they can do better, lets see it. lets see a better treo site than derek`s. if they dont back up their destructive criticism with proof they know better, shut the .... up
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    I love that site.
    This is my Treo. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My Treo is my best freind. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My Treo without me is useless. Without my Treo, I am useless......
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    Sorry to lose you, I got a lot of ring tones from the site.
    My Treo has more memory than I do.
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    Derek, I too hope you will reconsider closing the site. Opening under the TreoCentral umbrella would be an excellent solution, too.

    I have some idea of how much work goes into creating and maintaining even a limited site. I created one for my professional group, and it took a good chunk of my free time to make it run and keep it running. My partners decided to invest $40-50K into having a "professional" set up something similar, so go figure. That tells you what you and your site might be worth.

    I found my way here after I got mercilessly flamed and bashed on HowardForums for not reading the first post in a seven page thread. A fellow from Cyprus started throwing, ahem, foul language my way, and when I complained and reported him, the STAFF of Howard Forums came down on his side. I erased my ID and I have not been back.

    On a professional (medical) forum, I run into the same garbage. Someone described it as the LDS (no offense to our Mormon friends).. It stands for the Little D*ck Syndrome. On the Net, you are anonymous, and can appear to be anyone you want to be. LDS'ers are threatened by those who actually know what they are talking about, and lash out at them to make themselves look good. Sounds like you hit a lot of LDS'ers, Derek.

    Again, please don't let the jerks out there deprive the rest of us of an incredibly useful site. Non Carborundum Illegitimatum.......
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    Please know that your site was appreciated by many and used by a ton of Treo 600 loving people. I found great skins, ringtones and other stuff.

    Stay well and keep the faith. Don't let the ba$tards get you down man. You did good.

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    Damn... a big loss to the Treo600 community. Hopefully he will reconsider in a few days.
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    Originally posted by derek985

    The folks who run TC are strapped heavily for time - so much so in fact that they offered to buy my site out and offered me a staff position to continue my work under the Treo Central nameplate.

    Que sera sera, what will be will be.

    Derek, that too bad about your site. I regularly recommended you site to many newbies for the valuable FAQ's and links. It will be sorely missed by the vast majority of the Treo community I'm sure. I also would hope you reconsider the option to sell your site and content to Treocentral. That would really be the best of both worlds imo: the best Treo site and the best mobile Treo site under the same banner. Good luck in your future efforts...
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    I hope you see how much positive support you have here and continue with the site. Your time and effort with Troe600E was HIGHLY appreciated and will be missed.
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    I have no idea how you found all of those GREAT pda enabled links!! I really relied heavily on your portal to find the news and info that I needed!! Do you see a portal site going up on TreoCentral any time soon?!!? We NEED it!!

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