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    I don't know about others here, but I tend to pick up my email using my Treo. Thus this is where I also get my Treocentral email notification when someone has replied to a thread I have also joined in with (or started I guess.) I love this, and that you can have a quick peak while you're out and about and/or post a reply.

    But the links take me to the page designed for big computers, and not the mobile page. Now here is my idea/point/question. Is it possible to also send out a link so that you can choose to go to the mobile version of the thread, or the normal version?

    Or is this already possible? And then please enlighten me.
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    I agree. It would be very helpful to get both the links to the post (Standard and mobile formats). Would also be nice if it directed you to the Treo version of the Forums as well (rather than the Visor one) since I'm not a Visor user and not subscribed to a Visor thread.
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    I suggested this a couple of months ago and nada.

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    To further expound on these most worthy suggestions . . . I have one of my own. Why is the TreoCentral website not Treo 600 friendly? Doesn't it seem ironic that of ALL the navigation-enhanced websites (Sprint, Yahoo, Handspring, TreoEssentials, etc) TreoCentral is not in this category? Especially since most of us use THIS website a LOT (I do!) and we always have to pull out our stylus to get around. TreoCentral is THE Treo 600 resource and yet the least Treo-friendly. Most ironic. I hope this can be changed soon.
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    why are u pulling out the stylus? use the left and right buttons to move the selection, up and down to scroll and center to select.
    the reason (most likely) treocentral isn't optimized for the number pad is because it wouldn't make sense. the only thing you could use it for is on the main page. once you get past that there are just too many options for it to be worthwhile.
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    I've also noticed that I don't get notified when I post on the mobile version of the site. Is there an option I can set for this somewhere?

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