I'm considering buying a Treo 600, so I'm often browsing that forum for info / rumors / jokes about planned TMO release dates, best places to buy, etc. So understandably, right now I'm not really eager to read about how-to's and pluses or minues about the T600. I already know I want one, and I don't yet want to be deluged with tips about using it.

Wouldn't it make sense, for me and many others, to divide T600 chat into the following forums:

- Treo 600: Getting one!
Availability, pricing, rebates, merchant feedback, etc.

- Treo 600: Debates and Philosophy
Comparing it against other PDAs, pros and cons, etc.

- Treo 600: Hardware
How to's, troubleshooting, tips and tricks, and so on

- Treo 600: Software
How to's, troubleshooting, recommendations, feedback, etc.


What do you think?