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    I thought TC upgraded to new servers recently. I did not see any improvements in speed. It actually feels slower now. What kind of servers did TC upgrade to? Is TC paying their bills on time or is it because they just have a lousy host? The biggest forum (this one) has only 35,000 threads, which is nothing compared to Howard forum , where 2 of their biggest forums has over 100,000 threads each and is fast and speedy. Unlike TC, Howard forum appears to be well organized, none of this division into confusing harware and software crap. Maybe TC can learn something from Howrad forum?
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    PS. And Howard forums don't move threads either because they have clear and concise catergories.
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    Well, we're doing our best to make the forums clear and concise.

    And as for the speed, I can't really say (I'm not an admin, just a mod), but the current level of activity is an order of magnitude greater than what *I* expected TC to be at right now.

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