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    At the risk of sounding like yet another board patron upset by a thread move I do have to ask a question...

    Since Treo 600 Essentials focuses solely on the Treo 600 and since it is a completely non-profit venture - then why are threads discussing the site are being moved to the Marketplace?

    This seems unintuitive at best. It seems to me that there has been a lot of discussion regarding the categorization of the boards but as far as I can tell, no major action outside of a lot of manual effort (on the mods part to move posts) has taken place.

    It also seems as if posts like the one I refer to really don't fit into any of the categories you currently offer which is why they probably wind up in Marketplace.

    Any insight you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    I moved it to marketplace because I saw it as kind of an ad 'selling' your website...

    It certainly was not about treo600 hardware so I parked it in marketplace.
    Not the best place I agree, but since we dont have 'update on other websites' forum it was either that or the off topic forum.
    I flipped a coin and market place won...

    One of the other mods pointed me to the 'Communications' forum and I guess that one would do too...

    Thinking about it again 'Treo General Chat ' with description 'If it doesn't fit anywhere else, it belongs here.' is probably the best spot... I'll move it there..
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    I agree with Treo General Chat also.

    I still wouldn't mind having a "resources" forum for links to these sorts of things. Marcus?

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