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    At 9:30 pm on Nov 4 I checked the Treo 600 HARDWARE forum looking for a specific hardware question and I was plain stopped stone cold ... this forum has gotten tough to navigate.

    There were a total of 30 posts on the first page. Only 11 dealt with hardware ... 13 on software ... the rest were a mishmash of carrier, marketplace, multimedia, accessories,off topic, multimedia, faq and TC (my poll) issues.

    How can we help you with this?

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    Hi Tom,

    We do our best to move all threads to the appropriate fora...
    heck, we even 'hired' more mods to handle the load...

    but untill the users learn to post in the right forum this is going to stay a problem I'm afraid...
    Popularity killed the cat in this case

    p.s. While you are 100% right to be frustrated about this clogging up of the Tr600 forum, other people complain if we move their thread to the right forum... Go figure..
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    I still think a drop down box labeled which forum do you wish to post in? Keep the Hardware forums near the bottom of the list.

    Good luck and let us know how we can help in the future.

    Keep up the GREAT WORK guys!!!


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