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    Originally posted by miradu
    I have been asked to pass along the message that Handspring's support lines are NOT rumor confirmation lines, so please do not use them as such. I don't know when it will be released myself, but all I can say is be patient.

    You can't imagine how OFFENSIVE this post is....

    First off, Handspring is the subject of this forum, but WE are your customers. Without US your forum is nothing.

    Yet you seem to kowtow to these guys and come back here and scold us on a regular basis for something that is the NATURAL outgrowth of HS mistreating US.

    Whoever it is who invokes the TC name is not right. But note he is ONLY doing it for one reason - because HS stoked his appetite, teased the daylights out of him for months on end with emails that made him salivate, then launched the product narrowly to a small segment of the marketplace - and everywhere else in the world but the primary market it seems - and made him sit there and drool.

    And then to compound his injury, they spin out lie afte lie after lie about the status of when the product will ship.

    And what is YOUR response? To scold HIM and the rest of us?


    I certainly understand your urge to suck up to the HS dudes. But what about us?

    What about standing up for the great unwashed masses, people who have been treated like scrap?

    What about pushing HS to get off the dime, and not only ship, but at least give people an honest idea of what to expect and when?

    What about people who have delayed other decisions - like me, who's wife needs a new phone and who I have put off because I will simply slide mine over when the 600 is in my hand? I've put off going on Ebay for a temporary shift because I figured by the time the auctions are over and shipping and reassigning numbers are factored in, the 600 would be here - and that was based upon what HS said. Heck, even as recently as Monday, we ALL had experienced the HS CSR rap - call back Weds, wink wink and we will probably have something for you then.

    I have to tell you - while I may seem impatient in my posts, it's not as if I can't accommodate myself to a KNOWN reality.

    Tell me that you will release on Oct 6, Nov 3 - whatever and I will be FINE. I will wait and do what I have to do.

    But don't use squishy words that you then hide behind when people who you've whipped up get disappointed.

    What that guy did is NOTHING compared to what HS has done to us.

    And last I recall, I don't remember seeing YOU as a person of weight and experience, chiming in with a public editorial note to HS in boards that YOU KNOW they read, urging HS to treat domestic GSM customers better.
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    TreoCentral is not large enough to separate the "publishing" side from the editorial side.
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    I think this has all gone just a tad over the top. I too am waiting semi-patiently for HS to release the t-mobile or unlocked GSM T600 at a decent price. I have been enjoying Handspring products for quite a while, so have watched all this before (a couple times).

    Visor, Visor Deluxe, Visor Pro, (Visor Phone), Treo 270, .... Treo 600 (hopefully).

    But come on... it's a PDA/Phone. That's all. And the Handspring Website has never given a firm date of release. I haven't taken any other source of information as anywhere near authoritative.

    To ring up HS CS and bad mouth the CSRs, and claim to be from TreoCentral _is_ immature and counter-productive.

    And no, I don't work for HS or Treocentral, I have just been a Visor/Treo user for quite a while (look at my TC join date), and been involved in many software and several big hardware projects too.

    Now.... where's my GSM T600 !!! ;-)
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    My two pennies.....

    Do you want a delayed bugless product?

    Do you want a rushed bug-filled product?

    Only you have the anwer.......

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    Originally posted by IGoDwnTwn34
    My two pennies.....

    Do you want a delayed bugless product?

    Do you want a rushed bug-filled product?

    Only you have the anwer.......

    Yes, better to have it delayed and be right, than early and have to replace them all.

    These tedious morons who are personally insulted because they can't get a Treo600 GSM just have to calm down, or (preferably) log off and go buy something else.

    Hundreds of people in California are having to watch everything they own go up in flames, yet they don't whine nearly as much some of these selfish b@stards who have to wait another couple of weeks for a phone/pda.
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