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    I'm not saying people are wrong by posting everything in the Treo 600 forum, but for me the board is slowly becoming unreadable. Have a look at this thread and you will see that there are two lines of thought now: one saying "I only want to track one forum so I'll post and read everything only in the Treo 600 forum" and one saying "I try to stick with the guidelines that the moderators have written".

    I've tried sticking with the guidelines, but it doesn't work. I ask a question, I don't get an answer. I post news, nobody sees it. Makes me feel that I'm in the living room whereas the real party is taking place in the kitchen (next to the fridge where the beer is and you're allowed to smoke). Either I join the party in the kitchen (the Treo 600 forum) or I go home. I rather stay because I really love this board, so unless you can convince me to stick with the guidelines, I'm moving over to the kitchen.

    Somebody get me a cold beer please?
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    I think the problem may be that there are too many forums not clearly divided and the guidelines for each forum is not posted at the top of each forum. At last count there are 22 forums. It can get confusing. If a post is made to the wrong forum, that's when the moderators come in to move threads and without meaning it, make it even more confusing.
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    Thanks for the comments,

    Here is the problem: TreoCentral currently has about 900 new posts a day, in about 100 new threads. It is unreasonable to put the entire forum onto one board, there would be no organization, total post overload, and it would be very hard to find things again.

    Currently we have 17 active Treo forums, 4 site forums, and one dead forum (treo 90). I admit that that seems a lot, but a Treo 600 user probably isn't going to check the 180/270/300 forums. So the hardware forums are good, and general chat is fine.

    Next we have software - would users rather have 1 or 2 software forums, and not try to categorize them? I strongly feel that software should be seperated from the device forums. When a Treo 625 is released, and a new hardware forum is needed, you don't want to have to look at the 600 forum for software. Also of note, not every user on our site is a Treo 600 user; we are a great rescources for any palm communication related item. But do we need all 4 software forums? Should it just be communications and Other? or what?

    Accessories are seperate again from the Treo 600 forum, because many accessories will work with other models; I expect that they will work with future models to. SD cards were added because it is my hope that soon there will be a real market of SD IO cards that work with a multitude of devices, deserving a seperate forum.

    The carrier forums were added so that we could remove the GPRS forum, and not have to seperate the Treo 600 forum into Treo 600 CDMA and GSM, since hardware wise the units are fairly identical. We felt that it would be unfair to make users have to view both forums to see releeant content. We saw this happening between the Treo 300 and Treo 270 forums; good Treo info was being posted in the 300 forum, that was also relevant to the 270, and some users might of not seen it. Now if you have a sprint q, or want to read about sprint, there is a forum just for it - and for troubleshooting etc.

    Off Topic is off topic, every forum has them. A marketplace, a general forum, a test forum, all handhelds because occasionaly users want to discuss something else, and customer service. CS is there because there can be relevant threads that go into there, but no place for them. Should we remove it, and just say general CS issues put in general Treo?

    The TC forums are set as they are.

    We are still open to your suggestions. I agree that clearer guidelines are needed, we'll get them put up this weekend.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    I don't have any problems with the way you've set up the forums, except for that I think the Treo 600 forum should be called Treo 600 Hardware. Right now there are too many people thinking "I have /am interested in a Treo 600 so any question or comment I have should be posted in the Treo 600 forum."

    Also, put a sticky post in the Treo 600 forum explaining that:

    * people should try the Search function first (please add some suggestions on how to use the Search function - many people are complaining about it). I'd say 30% of the daily questions are already answered and often quite recently. And yes, a set of FAQs section would help alot as well. I'll be more then happy to volunteer for one set, for example on Software or Hardware.

    * if the Search didn't help, they should post in the appropriate forum. Don't forget to explain why - your explanation above was more clear than any other I've seen in the past.

    * Explain the View New Posts function. Many new members are probably not aware of this function. Maybe more people will accept to use multiple forums once they realize there is a simple way of tracking them. BTW, it would be really nice if you could set your preferred forums in your profile, and View New Posts would only search in those.

    One more thing: either you move threads or you don't. Currently the process of moving threads seem to occur at random times. If you want to use moving threads as a way of "educating" (or forcing if you like) people to use the correct forums then a new htread should never live for more than one or two hours before it's moved to another forum.
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    Originally posted by Mol
    One more thing: either you move threads or you don't. Currently the process of moving threads seem to occur at random times. If you want to use moving threads as a way of "educating" (or forcing if you like) people to use the correct forums then a new htread should never live for more than one or two hours before it's moved to another forum.
    I try to move threads whenever I can. I work 18 hours a day and simply do not have the time to read all the threads. I'm hoping that people will get the message, but so far I'm extremely dissappointed.
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    im in the same position - 15 hours a day of stuff. I view tc once a day for about 1-2 hours, but I do it at odd hours. More Mods? (on treo)
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    People are going to complain and make demands no matter what you do for them. If there is a post in the wrong category...don't stress yourselves, mods. TC readers are perfectly capable of reading the title of the post, figuring out for themselves whether it's in the right category or of interest, and either reading it, or not.

    Personally, every time I read the discussions I hit the "New Posts" button which gives you everything regardless of category. I look at the topic, as frequently the post is relevant to multiple categories. The category is a loose guideline at best. I'm sure you have all noticed that many of the longer threads have changed so drastically since the original post that they have "morphed" through multiple categories, and have little to do with the original topic.

    Y'all are doing a great job just by keeping TC available, and friendly. Don't let minor housekeeping duties mess that up.
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    I was in one forum and wanted to start a new thread in a different forum. So, I clicked on the Post A New Thread link, and started writing my post. When I was finished, I looked for a way to select which forum to post it in, but couldn't find a way! So I had to cut and paste my post, select the correct forum, and start all over again.

    My suggestion is...

    On the Post New Thread form, include a dropdown that lists all of the forums, without a default selection. Force the author to select a forum before submiting the reply.

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