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    I've noticed that whenever I get an email notification that there has been a response to one of my posts, the link in the notification points to instead of

    Now, strangely enough, clicking on the link does seem to show me the thread I started and the responses, even though I started them on Treocentral. But it definitely leaves me at the Visorcentral site, so if I then want to do anything further, like read more Treo discussions or stories, I can't just click on links on the page, because they're all for Visorcentral features, not Treocentral.

    For instance, I just received the email notification about a post I made on Treocentral last night, and the part of the email that contains the link reads as follows:

    This thread is located at:

    As you can see, it links back to Visorcentral instead of Treocentral. I have no clue how or why it does so. But like I said, following that link then leaves me at Visorcentral reading the posts, where I really have no interest in being.

    So I guess what I'd like to see happen here is that email notifications about posts on Treocentral be changed to contain URLs pointing back to the original Treocentral post, instead of pointing to whatever mirrored link they seem to use on the Visorcentral site.
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    I dunno. It's been broken ever since I've been a member. I've seen numerous threads about it. I think I saw a "it's too hard to fix" response once. Oh well, I do like this in my procmail:

    :0 ifw
    | sed 's/\/discussion\.visorcentral\.com\/vcforum/\/treo\.discussion\.treocentral\.com\/tcforum/g'
    :0 ifw
    | sed 's/\/discussion\.treocentral\.com\/tcforum/\/treo\.discussion\.treocentral\.com\/tcforum/g'
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    It's a known issue..
    When TC started they modded the board so you can see the shared forums.. unfotunately this does not work flawless (yet?)

    James is working on it but no ETA yet as it is quite complicated..
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    I changed something just now in the board settings -> Does this fix the problem?
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    I have noticed the same issue. E-mail notifications are great, but the links point to visorcentral versions of the discussion threads.

    1) It would be nice if this could be fixed so that treocentral appears in the link and we are returned to the "authentic" thread.

    2) Another nice thing would be if a second link could be included in the same e-mail, modified for PDA access to the thread via

    That way, whether you get the e-mail while at the desktop or out about town, you could keep up with the conversations in a way that takes advantage of your bandwidth situation.

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