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    I purchased a ringtone from TreoCentral over a month ago. I promtly sent an E-Mail telling them the tone was defective. About 3 weeks later I got a reply telling me they would send me 3 replacement tones to make up for it. I promptly sent back a message telling what I wanted. Never got a reply & never got any replacement tones. What's up - too much work, burried in spam or ??????
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    Which adress did you send it to?
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    initially they were swent to and My reply was sent to whatever address I got the eventual reply from.
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    . . . and so it continues.
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    I really hate to say this since they host this useful board, BUT I really don't recommend buying from Treo Central. The customer service appears to be non-existant. I have given them more than ample opportunity to respond both by E-mail and on this forum and they simply have not made an effort. What a shame.
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    Christ, doesn't anyone have anything positive to say???????????

    This has become CriticismCentral
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    Ok, Let me try:

    I really like the way I paid for something that was defective and didn't get any customer service in the form of a refund or replacement. The way they didn't answer mt E-mail or forum posts was top notch. If you have lots of extra money to throw away, they are defintely the company to buy from.


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