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    My first day or two I didn't leave the "moved" link. I won't do that in the future, sorry for the mix up.

    see the other mod posts about posting locations. it's *extremely* difficult to keep a board like this easily searchable, the categories are there for a reason.
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    HI, we are guests here and there are rules for us to be here. If you do not like the threads being moved you have two choices, put them where they belong or don't use the site.

    I love this site, I have learned so much and considering that I never heard of a treo 9 months ago and never used a Palm based product until I bought my Treo 300. Now I cannot imagine being without it or BEING WITHOUT THIS SITE!


    Take care, Jay

    PS. JFREUD you have been a little more than rude during all of this. You voice your opinion, the moderators told you how it has to be, but you just keep beating that dead horse. The outcome will be that mods. will either leave or kick you off the board. (The former would be a crime to all of us and the later would perhaps be a cross between justified and cutting your nose to spite your face)!

    Mods: I do have a comment and complement for you, I had no idea that it was a volunteer posistion, so my hats off to you for a great job and a really heartfelt thanks for doing it for free!take care, jay
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    I check with this site pretty often so I just use the view new post option. This way I see all the current threads regardless of where they were moved to.
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