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    I've sent in an email and also posted a comment on a thread in the Treo 600 area about this already but I figured I'd also post here to try and get a response. I know you guys are busy. I need to cancel my order I placed this morning due to financial issues I just became aware of this afternoon. Please let me know what I can do to remedy this situation.
    Thank you,
    Paul (Order #26)
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    I've e-mailed TreoCentral twice and I don't know how to feel about making a $600 purchase that I cannot track in any way, shape, or form.

    I may cancel myself if I don't get some concrete information soon besides a simple order number.
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    I agree.. the complete lack of tracking info or any other significant correspondence after the order is worrisome. I ordered mine yesterday with next day shipping. No news yet.

    The website clearly states that all orders received before 4pm est would be shipped same day. Clearly that's not the case. Treocentral better not charge me for next day shipping...

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