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    Why is someone moving discussions that are pertinent to the forum somewhere else? What is the purpose of these forums anyway?

    I now expect to get moved. Actually from now on I'm just going to post anywhere and hopefully my thread will get moved to where it belongs.

    [subject editted by Kurt before making sticky so everyone will read]
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    Please follow the standard placing procedure. If the main focus of the post is the Treo 600 hardware, post it here. Otherwise, place it in another forum (Customer Service for problems, complaints, etc. etc.)
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    And than unstuck and moved to the TC forum (where site discussion belongs) because it is redundant to the forum announcement just posted.

    Posts are being moved to keep the site organized. The Treo 600 forum is for discussing the hardware aspect of the Treo 600, software should be done in the appropriate forums. It makes it easier for people to browse and search for threads, and makes readability easier.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff

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